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Updated: 1 hour 10 min ago

How to freeze chestnuts?

Tue, 05/23/2017 - 12:04

If you haven’t yet discovered the delicious but humble chestnut, you’re missing out! Chestnuts are extremely versatile. Their unique nutty flavour and texture make them great accompaniments to many dishes, both savoury and sweet.  Even though fresh chestnuts can only be found in Australian supermarkets and green grocers from mid March to July……. fear not, because there is a solution! Freezing chestnuts!

Freezing chestnuts allows you to enjoy chestnuts nearly all year long!

What to do when freezing chestnuts? 

Chestnuts can be frozen with or without their shell, raw or cooked. Regardless of form, they can simply be placed in a freer-safe container and stored for 2 to 3 months. If you are  looking to use your frozen chestnuts for roasting later on, then it is ideal to leave the shells intact. However, if you will be using the frozen chestnuts in an recipe that requires their shells to be removed, such as a delicious  chestnut pudding recipe or a chestnut, beef and bok choy stir-fry, then it will save you time and effort, by shelling them prior to freezing.

Follow these easy steps to freezing chestnuts:

  • Place chestnuts in a freezer-safe bags or in freezer-safe glass or plastic containers
  • To help ensure boiled, shelled chestnuts are easily separated after freezing, place them on a tray, with space between them, and freeze them for several hours
  • Once frozen, remove from tray and then place in freezer-safe container. This method is commonly used for freezing berries

It really is that easy to extend the life of chestnuts. Now why not give these chestnut recipes a try!

Chestnut, Beef and Bok Choy Stir-fry – Australian Chestnuts


Chestnut and Golden Syrup Pudding – Australian Chestnuts


Creamy, Spinach and Green Pea Soup – Australian Chestnuts


Quick Chestnut Dip – Australian Chestnuts


Candied Chestnut, Blue Cheese and Fennel Salad – Australian


Visit the full guide on what to do with chestnuts this season 


*DISCLAIMER: Australian Chestnuts are a contributing recipe Partner at This article features content sourced from Australian Chestnuts and our own opinions. For more information visit the  Australian Chestnuts website.


The post How to freeze chestnuts? appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

The genius veggie smuggling trick that all parents need to know

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 12:07

For some parents getting their kids to eat their veggies can seem impossible. It can lead to frustrating dinner times that leave them feeling deflated. And while it’s a life stage that will usually pass, those who have kids that feed their broccoli to the pets are always looking for tips and tricks.

So fear not, we have a way a way that will sneak veggies into your favourite weeknight family dinners without the kids even knowing!

Blending… Oh yes, if you haven’t discovered it, you definitely need to. By blending veggies like mushrooms with mince into  bolognese or meatballs, you have the perfect vessel to smuggle as many veggies into the dish as you like.

One of the best places for this blending, is in your weekly  Spaghetti Bolognese. When you add mushrooms to your bolognese you are also adding an extra serving a veggies to your family meal which will make it much tastier and much healthier! This staple mushroom bolognese sauce can also be used in other recipes like lasagne, sloppy joes and many more.

Another fantastic idea for veggie smuggling is this idea for Thai Pork and Mushroom Meatballs. Asian-Style Meatballs packed with veggie goodness, served in lettuce cups with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce – you can’t go wrong!


Mushroom Smuggling Recipes to try 

Remember, adding mushrooms to either your next family dinner recipe, dosen’t have to be a challenge. Simply blend up your mushrooms in a food processor which then makes easier to sneak into your next family dinner. It also gets rid of the textural barrier that for many youngsters, is the pure reason that they say a big no to veg.

12-Minute Spaghetti and Mushroom Bolognese – Australian Mushrooms


Thai Pork and Mushroom Meatballs -Australian Mushrooms


Mushroom Veggie Burgers – Australian Mushrooms


*DISCLAIMER:  Australian Mushrooms is a contributing recipe Partner at All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Australian Mushrooms,  visit

The post The genius veggie smuggling trick that all parents need to know appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

The pasta bake recipe that all cooks must make

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 11:34

Pasta bakes are the perfect weeknight family dinner idea. Even the words ‘pasta bake’ instantly warrant thoughts of rich and warming comfort food. They can easily be filled with tuna or bacon, seasonal veggies and of course, cheesy goodness! Pasta bake recipes are also incredibly easy,  filling and most importantly extremely delicious.

And if you thought that penne was the only match for pasta bake, think again.  Shell pasta is also a perfect partner for a pasta bake. The shell captures all the flavour of the sauce, and when baked the shell pasta edges have a beautiful crispy finish that catches every bit of cheesy goodness.

And of all the pasta bakes that need to be on your cooking bucket list, this Baked Pumpkin and Ricotta Version should be near the top. With over 700 recipe collects from the myfoodbook audience this beautiful  baked pumpkin, spinach and ricotta stuffed shells pasta bake recipe is a clear winner. Made with delicious seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, which is in its golden glory, blended with spinach and creamy ricotta, this tasty dish is one to serve up at your next dinner party. It is sure to receive some serious “oohs and aahs”.

Tips for a better bake

To get the most out of this delicious recipe, remember the following tricks:

  1. Use the right pasta – Try to pick a kind that is ribbed, as this holds the sauce in
  2. Cook the pasta to a little less than aldente. It will finish cooking during the baking process
  3. Don’t rinse the pasta after draining as the starch on the pasta will help the sauce thicken
  4. If needed finish under the grill to get the toasty, golden corners and edges
  5. After cooking let the bake rest
The ultimate Pasta Bake Recipe

This delicious baked pumpkin, spinach and ricotta stuffed shells pasta bake recipe is a bucket list item. Sweet pumpkin, smokey bacon and creamy ricotta, finished off with the perfect blend of cheese for baking.

Fresh Tomato, Basil and Ricotta Baked Orecchiette – Perfect Italiano


*DISCLAIMER:  Perfect Italiano is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Perfect Italiano and our own opinions. You can find out more about Perfect Italiano Cheese, here. 

The post The pasta bake recipe that all cooks must make appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Ideas for using up leftover chicken

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 13:23

Leftover cooked chicken is a big time saver and sometimes a lifesaver when it comes to preparing weeknight dinners. Chicken, whether it be leftover roast chicken or leftover chicken breast, it is great addition to many tasty dishes. Leftover cooked chicken is perfect to add to an easy homemade pizza recipe, to make a fabulous pie, or even as a lighter option, in rice paper rolls!

Why not cook extra chicken on a Sunday night ready to be used during the busy week ahead. It makes for an easy and quick weeknight dinner or a packed work lunch.

How to store leftover chicken? 

You can freeze leftover chicken but it is vulnerable to drying out and becoming tough as it defrosts. The best way to overcome this is to freeze it in large chunks. Then shred onto pizzas, pies or sandwiches when it has become defrosted. To freeze, simply wrap the chunks of leftover chicken in plastic wrap, then foil and place in a zip lock bag with all the air removed.

How long does leftover chicken keep? 

When cooking chicken, it is important to remember that once the chicken is cooked it should last another 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator (4°C). You can also freeze (-18°C) the cooked chicken for 2 to 3 months so you can use it at a later time in leftover chicken recipes.

Recipes using leftover chicken 

Get creative with last nights chicken leftovers and try these easy and delicious leftover chicken recipes!

Rice Paper Rolls – Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Satay Chicken Pizza – Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Asian Slaw Buns – Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Garlic Chicken Pizza – Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Chicken and Spinach Filo Pie – Everyday Delicious Kitchen


*DISCLAIMER – Dairy Kitchen is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Everyday Delicious Kitchen and our own opinions.  Find out more about Everyday Delicious Kitchen.

The post Ideas for using up leftover chicken appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Why all the fuss about Matcha green tea

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 13:23

The world seems to have gone matcha mad. We all know that food fad trends come and go but matcha and green tea powder are proving to outlive their assumed short-lived popularity! Of course, cafes and restaurants have been serving matcha lattes and matcha tea for quite some time now, but matcha is no longer reserved just these things. It’s now making an appearance in everything from French desserts to ice-cream and curries.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a stone-ground powered green tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. When drinking or eating matcha you are actually consuming the whole powdered leaves, which means it is super strength. It neither looks like nor tastes like another other kind of tea.

Matcha generally has a similar flavour to regular green tea, only more full bodied and earthy. Matcha will also give you a caffeine buzz, mellowed by the tea’s high antioxidant contents.

 How to prepare matcha

For the traditional matcha option, sift about one teaspoon of matcha into a large tea cup. Don’t skip this process, because the strainer breaks up the clumps and leads to a creamier and frothier matcha. Then, add a small amount of hot water (not boiling) and quickly whisk the matcha until it becomes frothy. Traditionally you would use a bamboo whisk with superfine tines, however using a small whisk will also do the job. Then, enjoy your matcha tea!

Matcha is also used as an ingredient for food or other drink recipes. Try matcha powder in a smoothie, blended with yoghurt or ice-cream, and even in your morning porridge or evening soup! The options are endless…

Where to buy matcha?

Matcha can now be purchased in most trendy cafes, as they have delved into the matcha cult and are now serving lattes of this green tea variety. You can also purchase matcha powder at most good health food stores, chemists and even select supermarkets.

Matcha Green Tea Recipe

See if matcha is for you by trying this matcha green tea smoothie

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie – Vitasoy

The post Why all the fuss about Matcha green tea appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

How to cook like a chef at home?

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 12:35

Do you love to cook but find busy weeks take the joy out of the time you do spend in the kitchen? You’re not alone! Many cooks face this dilemma, but the good news is, cooking delicious, quality food does not mean you have to slave away in the kitchen over elaborate recipes for hours or use expensive ingredients.

These days we are lucky to have access to so many outstanding kitchen appliances that can make time in the kitchen simpler and quicker. These appliances don’t just make it easier to cook for the family, but are fun to use day-to-day!

One that ticks all the boxes is Breville’s new One Precision Poacher. A poacher and sous vide machine designed for home cooks, that will make you look like you have the culinary skills of a chef. This appliance allows you to step back and let it work its magic. From simple egg poaching to poaching prawns, this appliance is a real winner for home cooks.

Key tips to remember when cooking at home:

When cooking at home there are a few simple tricks and tips that make your life easier and more enjoyable when stepping into the kitchen. These steps will have you cooking like a chef in no time.

  • Invest in a few good tools and appliances: Focus on the essentials, don’t buy knick knacks and gadgets you are never going to use. Pans, pots and knives are the backbone of cooking and are worth spending a little more on. Also invest in appliances that are going to speed up tiresome cooking methods, it will make your cooking much more enjoyable.
  • Choose recipes appropriate for your skills: Remember your not going to cook like a Masterchef in a week, stick to recipes that are appropriate for your skill level, and you will be rewarded with success. From there you can challenge your skills and try new things.
  • Read every recipe before you start cooking: Always familiarise yourself with the recipe before cooking. Throughly read it over and visualise every step in your mind.
  • Don’t use guests as guinea pigs: When planning a meal for guests, stick to tried and tested recipes. Remember even the pros test and tweak their recipes.
  • Make time for cooking and enjoy it!: Cooking should be enjoyable and not another chore on your list. Reserve multi-course meals that require more time and attention for the weekend and make easy and fast meals during the week.
  • Mies En Place: Is the French saying for “putting in place”, in cooking lingo it refers to the act of putting everything that is needed for a recipe, from the ingredients to the tools, all in one place. Then all you have to is grab and go. This will allow for a smooth process, and you won’t have to worry about finding that measuring cup or running out of flour.

These recipes are a must for home cooks to try, and with the help of the  One⁰ Precision Poacher™ by Breville – you’ll be creating perfect classic recipes like poached salmon, with a whole new level of skill, and without all the fuss!

Butter Poached Prawns with Tarragon and Garlic – Breville


Eggspert Eggs on Sautéed Greens with Pancetta and Pine Nuts – Breville


Ramen Noodle Soup with Soy Sauce Eggs, Pork and Mushrooms – Breville


Sous Vide Salmon with Pasta, Crispy Garlic and Lemon Sauce – Breville


*DISCLAIMER: Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Breville and our own opinions.   Find out more information about the Breville One⁰ Precision Poacher™


The post How to cook like a chef at home? appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

The perfect lunchbox frittata

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 08:30

The frittata is the perfect vessel for leftovers! Alongside eggs, it can transform those odds and ends into something wonderful.    It’s the kind of recipe that can be dinner one night, a lunchbox meal the next! You can even prepare your frittata on a Sunday night to get ready for the week ahead.

Of all the delicious impossible slices and savoury frittata we have tried, this quick and easy  sweet potato and broccoli frittata recipe is a real win. Filled with super veggies like sweet potato and broccoli, then held together with eggs and you have a super easy and delicious meal or snack.

The sweet potato is the perfect ingredient for a frittata recipe. With it’s beautiful golden colouring and sweet taste, the sweet potato, is the unsung super veg this season. Easy to prepare, extremely nutritious makes sweet potatoes perfect to toss into a frittata recipe, creating a super meal.

For more  information on the sweet potato see the clever infographic below:

See the full guide on all the super health benefits of the sweet potatoes

So if your not convinced already, you must try this delicious frittata recipe below and see why frittatas should be your go to meal throughout the week.

Super Easy and Healthy Frittata Recipe 

Sweet Potato and Broccoli Frittata – Australian Sweet Potatoes



*DISCLAIMER: Australian Sweet Potatoes are a contributing recipe Partner at This article features content sourced from Australian Sweet Potatoes and our own opinions. For more information visit the Sweet Potatoes website.

The post The perfect lunchbox frittata appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

The best vegetarian sources of protein

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 08:44

We’re accustomed to thinking that the most protein-rich sources of food, are meat products. But in reality, a range of other foods including plant and dairy products can pack a huge protein punch! Did you know there is 24 grams of protein per 100 gram serving of kidney beans and in chickpeas, a high 19 grams of protein per 100 gram serving?

Aside from legumes and grains, dairy like milk, yoghurt and cheese are also fantastic sources of protein that have a unique package of more then ten essential nutrients. Nutrients that help to aid healthy blood, nervous and immune systems, eyesight, healthy skin, energy levels and growth and repair in all parts of the body.

So, whether your vegetarian or not, there are plenty of reasons to eat more meat-free meals that still provide you with your  recommended protein intake.

What is protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient that plays many important roles, such as repairing the body’s cells, building and repairing muscles, building and maintaining bones, and helping to control the body’s metabolic processes. If our diets were without protein, our bodies would start to break down muscles in order to produce the protein it needs to survive.

Where do vegetarians get protein from? 

Below are a few of the top vegetarian protein sources which can easily be used in most vegetarian meals:

  • Milk
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Kidney beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Legumes
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Barley
  • Hempseed
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Nuts
  • Chia seeds
High protein vegetarian recipes 

Why not try one of these high-protein vegetarian recipes for your next meatless Monday dinner idea

Cauliflower and Cheddar Fritters with Kiwi Salsa – The Dairy Kitchen


Kale, Feta and Pumpkin Pie – The Dairy Kitchen


Pumpkin, Spinach and Blue Cheese Barley Risotto – The Dairy Kitchen


Barley and Nutty Roast Vegetable Salad – Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Poached Egg with Asparagus, Quinoa and Nut Salad – Australian Eggs


Sweet Potato and Lentil Patties – Australian Sweet Potatoes


This feature contains a mix of content from myfoodbook third party content partners and our own opinions.

The post The best vegetarian sources of protein appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Healthy Pear Desserts

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 08:01

Since the cool change is now officially in full swing, we can also begin to indulge in the best bounty that Autumn and Winter have to offer. One of those, is the humble pear.

A fantastic fruit that is super juicy, indulgent and with a fragrant floral flavour that is the perfect dessert compliment. Their natural sweetness, means that they are perfect for creating desserts that stay away from those ingredients that perhaps aren’t as good for us!

Why you should be eating a pear a day
  • Pears are an excellent source of healthy fibre
  • As the pear ripens, the level of antioxidants, increases significantly
  • Eating a pear can help boost your health with it’s immune boosting vitamin C
  • Fantastic for your heart health
  • Boast high levels of potassium and folate
What you can do with a pear

Pears are extremely versatile, which means they are a great staple. Snack on them by themselves or with all their fruity goodness, enhance this flavour through the following cooking methods:

  • Poached
  • Baked
  • Roasted

Once poached, baked or roasted pears can be re-heated and added to a warm bowl of porridge or used as a yoghurt topping.

Healthy sugar alternatives to use in your pear dessert

When it comes to sweeting up your pear dessert, there are a few alternatives which create a more nutritious bout of sweetness to your pear recipe. Try these unrefined sugar alternatives in the pear dessert recipes below.

  • Rice malt syrup: Is made from cooked and fermented rice. It is also 100% fructose-free. This syrup is a delicious alternative sugar. Its sticky texture if perfect in an oat slice.
  • Maple syrup: As a natural sweetener, maple syrup is the perfect pair for heathy desserts. Make sure to use 100% pure maple syrup, to reap the benefits
  • Honey: Is one of the most popular natural sweeteners, and it has been used for centuries. Honey is ideal for baking as it keeps the moister in for longer.
  • Coconut Sugar: This sugar is unrefined and organically grown. Coconut sugar adds a unique flavour with subtle caramel and butterscotch notes. Perfect for sweeting up a healthy dessert, coconut sugar has a nutritional and mineral content that is richer than most other sweeteners.


Healthy pear recipes 

Try these pear recipes that use alternatives to sugar. These will most certainly satisfy that sweet tooth, without the guilt!

Pear and Oat Slice – Australian Pears


Ricotta, Honey and Pears – Australian Pears


Pear and Oat Muffins – Australian Pears


White Wine Poached Pears and Baked Ricotta – Australian Pears



*DISCLAIMER –  Australian Pears is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Australian Pears and our own opinions.   Find out more about Australian Pears 

The post Healthy Pear Desserts appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Cloud eggs: The new egg trend taking the internet by storm

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 10:59

Just when you think you have perfected the fluffiest egg recipe, along comes another social media crazed food trend… The cloud egg.

What on earth is the cloud egg? How do you make such creation? Is it even tasty? Or worth swapping out the standard scrambled egg for? So many questions to be answered, so much curiosity… So, as avid egg lovers, we turned to the internet for answers, and here’s what we found:


Cloud eggs are the newest internet craze. Image via Mens Health

What is a cloud egg?

Essentially, a hybrid of the meringue, and scrambled egg white on the outside, with a runny yolk in the centre. Hmm… Interesting, very interesting!

How do you make cloud eggs?

Cloud eggs are made by separating the white and the yolk. The white of the egg is then whisked until peaks form, (in the same way you would make meringue). Then with your oven set to 200°C, the meringue like whites are placed onto a baking paper lined tray. Using a spoon, you then make a small indentation or well in the centre of the white. Bake for a few minutes, before adding the egg yolk to this indentation. Bake for a further few minutes until golden, season and bob’s your uncle!

Do cloud eggs taste good?

While some claim that the cloud egg is fluffy egg heaven, other’s aren’t quite sure about the texture! The only way to find out is try this new trend for yourself!

The post Cloud eggs: The new egg trend taking the internet by storm appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

An easy weeknight dinner idea for the family

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 08:08

Instead of your traditional pasta bake or risotto, why not try a pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni recipe for an easy weeknight dinner idea. It’s the kind of family meal that will satisfy all tastebuds, and it delivers nutrition and flavour, all in one!

This cannelloni screams autumn. Full of a blend of seasonal veg that will deliver a mouth-watering, hearty and nutritious dish. With pumpkin in all its seasonal glory, blended with creamy ricotta and rich tomato sauce, this delicious twist on cannelloni is a real winner.

Pumpkin and Ricotta Cannelloni – Get the Recipe 

This cannelloni can also be saved for leftovers, to enjoyed again during the week.

Really Easy Pumpkin and Ricotta Cannelloni – The Dairy Kitchen


*DISCLAIMER:  The Dairy Kitchen is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from The Dairy Kitchen team and our own opinions. Find out more about  The Dairy Kitchen

The post An easy weeknight dinner idea for the family appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the women from Monday Morning Cooking Club

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 12:21

The best-selling, passionate and unstoppable women of the Monday Morning Cooking Club return with their third cookbook. An incredible hard cover book filled with recipes that symbolise our love affair with home cooking. But it’s not just recipes… It’s so much more. Within each recipe, you will read a story. Stories inspired by heritage, family, trial and error and stories about the kind of recipes that need to be shared with the world.

The book is nothing short of special. Entitled ‘It’s Always About the Food’, the book came to life when it had been discovered the community created by Monday Morning Cooking Club had stretched further that the group had ever imagined. Deciding to reach out to family and friends and to home cooks around the world, the ladies of the Monday Morning Cooking Club spent two years gathering recipes of much loved meals that have been feeding family and friends for years. The result? A beautiful collection of soulful recipes, with plenty of love. Traditional jewish Pecan-Glazed Noodle Kugel, a show stopping Lubia Polow (Persian version of cottage pie) Cobblers, Rich slow cooks, Tagine, Strudel, Flourless cakes and an endless amount more… This is food for the soul.

So who are the Monday Morning Cooking Club?

The Monday Morning Cooking Club are a group of five passionate home cooks, inspired by their Jewish heritage. They have been meeting together in Sydney, each Monday for 10 years to seek out and share recipes, preserve and honour the stories of their community, and cook their favourite foods. With their motto “contemporise traditional recipes and traditionalise contemporary ones” they have created three beautiful cookbooks that honour their heritage and highlight the recipes that have been feeding family and friends for years. Ultimately, the Monday Morning Cooking Club pride themselves on filling their books with the food that comes from the heart of their homes.

The perfect gift for mum..

Give mum the ultimate guide to wholesome and traditional cooking this Mother’s Day. The Monday Morning Cooking Club’s third book  It’s Always About the Food can be purchased at any good book store or online. Mum will definitely love it!


It’s always about the food – Monday Morning Cooking Club


Recipes we love from Monday Morning Cooking club

These recipes from their previous cookbooks The Food, The Stories, The Sisterhood and The Feast Goes One are much-loved recipes, so we can’t wait to try many of the ideas in this new book.

My Grandmother Sarah’s Lokshen Kugel – Monday Morning Cooking Club


Almond Kifli – Monday Morning Cooking Club


Buy your copy of this fantastic cookbook here.


The post Celebrate Mother’s Day with the women from Monday Morning Cooking Club appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Five tips for creating your dream kitchen

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 12:26

Crisp white panelled cabinetry, carrara marble bench tops and incredible kitchen appliances fit for a chef… It’s not hard for us to day dream about our ultimate kitchen. After all, renditions of this space have been pinned into our dream kitchen board on Pinterest more times than we care to share.

While we may not yet have the luxury dream kitchen, we do have one we love. And collectively, our renovating experience and love of cooking has given us equipped us with some wisdom…

So, when it comes to re-designing a kitchen or simply giving yours a re-fresh, these are our top tips for combating those common renovating mistakes:

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of colour and texture
  • All white everything can work wonderfully in the right space with plenty of natural light, but, if you don’t have a large budget, it can make your space look stark.
  • Even if you want to stick to white cabinetry and bench tops, pick a splash back with a little colour. Colour doesn’t have to mean bright red, but could be something like shades of grey. Alternatively, pick a splash back with some texture.
  • Think about your finishes. Be careful when choosing all gloss finishes, as this can be overwhelming to the eye

2. Understand your families needs
  • Some families need an extra large dishwasher, others a double oven. Think about how you use your kitchen, and capitalise on these needs
  • While a butlers pantry is fabulous for some, others prefer to have a larger pantry that is integrated into their kitchen so that they can prepare and wash up in the main space
3. Don’t skip over the detail
  • It can be tempting to finish the big elements in a kitchen (cabinetry and bench top) and then forget about the rest with simple handles and tapware, but these smaller elements can make a huge difference
  • If budget is stopping you from adding the extra detail, think thrifty. These days you can purchase lovely pendants for cheap, and even order bespoke handles and knobs from places like Etsy
4. Buy good-quality appliances that suit your style
  • Quality large and small kitchen appliances can make a huge different in a kitchen, and will make your space fun to work in!
  • Particularly with small appliances, you can pick ones that suit the style of your kitchen
  • The Breville Luxe Range is a fabulous range for doing this, as the quality of the appliances means they will be long lasting, and their gorgeous aesthetic will give your kitchen an extra dreamy feel


5. Style your kitchen, but don’t go overboard
  • It’s very easy to get carried away with knick knacky styling pieces. A mortar and pestle here, multiple cookbooks there, and a shelf with unnecessary bits and pieces, but these can have an adverse effect in making your kitchen look beautiful
  • Stick to a few simple pieces; a nice piece of artwork, your favourite cookbook on a stand, and other useful items that add to your kitchens functionality


Once you are set-up in your dream kitchen… Have a go at some of these recipes. You are sure to have fun creating them with stunning appliances

Passionfruit Yo Yo’s – Breville


Ricotta Pancakes – Breville


Cinnamon Scrolls – Breville


*DISCLAIMER:  Breville is a contributing recipe  Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Breville and our own opinions.  Find out more information about  Breville.

The post Five tips for creating your dream kitchen appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Do you peel mushrooms before cooking?

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 11:52

Unlike other veg that you would naturally wash under running water or peel there skin away before cooking, mushrooms are quite different.

Due to the soft and porous nature of their flesh, you don’t want to wash mushrooms as they will take on the water content. You also don’t want to peel away their flesh, as the entire mushroom is edible and there is no reason to discard good food!

Do you peel mushrooms?

Instead of peeling or washing, use the method in the video above, which uses a cooking brush with dry bristles, to get rid of any light residue on the mushroom. Once you’ve cleaned the mushroom with a brush, you can slice according to your preference. In this case, for a flat mushroom, the best way to slice, is to cut off the stem, and stand the mushroom up on it’s flat side. Then simply slice lengthways and your mushroom slices are ready to be pan, fried, grilled or added to recipes like Nonna’s Bolognese or Grilled Mushroom Bruschetta.

This same mushroom preparation method of lightly brushing to clean, applies to all varieties of mushrooms. So whether your using cups, swiss or flats – give it a go!


Prepare your mushrooms, then turn them into one of these delicious recipes

Cheesy Mushroom, Bacon and Veggie Pasta Bake – Australian Mushrooms


Mushroom and Leek Filo Pie – Australian Mushrooms



Oven-Baked Chicken and Mushroom Risotto – Australian Mushrooms



Mushroom, Beef and Noodle Stir-Fry – Australian Mushrooms



*DISCLAIMER:  Australian Mushrooms is a contributing recipe Partner at All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Australian Mushrooms,  visit

The post Do you peel mushrooms before cooking? appeared first on myfoodbook | Food Stories.

Two surprise ingredients that make the best mac n cheese recipe

Wed, 05/03/2017 - 11:21

Mac n Cheese is just one of those things… It’s kind of like comfort food royalty if you will. It’s a simple concept, but it’s something in the way the cheese and macaroni comes together in harmony. It bakes and bubbles until it is just so tasty and ready for you to have a few bowls worth.

Now, we absolutely understand the classic combo of mac n cheese as it’s title self suggests. But as we discovered, there are ways to make this classic dish, even better!

For starters, there are two surprising ingredients that make the best Mac n Cheese recipe. What are these ingredients? Pumpkin and bacon… Packing both a punch of sweet and salty, these ingredients turn up this classic bake, in the best possible way.

The other trick to a fabulous Mac n Cheese, is to use a blend of cheeses. Cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella to be exact. It creates a wonderfully cheesy taste and stretch, without the oiliness.

So, if your looking to up your pasta bake game, give this best ever Mac n Cheese recipe a go! We can almost say for sure that it will become a cult favourite.


Pumpkin Mac n Cheese recipe

Pumpkin Mac N Cheese – Devondale



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Facts about lactose intolerance

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 15:16

Did you know that 1 in 10 adults self-diagnose themselves as being lactose intolerant? This trend is becoming bigger and bigger due to the amount of dairy-free options available and the myth that dairy causes bloating in all adults.

While this may be true for individuals with a diagnosed intolerance, for those who don’t, cutting out dairy can actually mean that you are cutting out vital minerals and nutrients. So it’s important to visit a doctor before you make any drastic changes to your diet.

Here are a few more facts, to help you break down the myths on lactose intolerance:

What is Lactose?

Lactose is a milk sugar found is all dairy products, such as milk, ice-cream, butter, cheese, yoghurt, breast milk and some infant formulas. Lactose is broken down by the enzyme lactase, which can be found in the small intestine.

What does it mean to be lactose intolerant?
  • Being lactose intolerant is different from being allergic to milk. Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the lactose sugar found in milk due to the lack of lactase enzyme, whereas the allergy is a reaction to the milk protein
  • Being lactose intolerant can run in the family. Also the condition is more common as we get older. No one is born with a lactose intolerance
  • One fairly unknown fact about lactose intolerance is that people with lactose intolerance can still eat cheese. Foods like hard cheeses (parmesan, cheddar and Swiss) and butter contain a small amount of lactose, which is tolerable for some
  • Drinking milk with other foods and not on a empty stomach is tolerated by some
  • Yoghurt is often better tolerated than milk due to it’s lower lactose contents
Dairy products that are low in lactose

Not all products are equal, some dairy products have little to no lactose in them:

  • Butter
  • Hard cheese
  • Kefir
  • Yoghurt high in pro-biotics
  • Lactose reduced milks
  • Brie and Camembert
Key things to remember when it comes to lactose intolerance



This clever infographic was originally published in our brand new 2017 Mother’s Day Foodbook. Get your very own copy of the eBook here

Low lactose recipes 

Spiced Lamb Burgers with Yoghurt and Fresh Beetroot Relish – The Dairy Kitchen


Baked Parmesan Zucchini – The Dairy Kitchen


Cauliflower and Cheddar Fritters with Kiwi Salsa – The Dairy Kitchen


Homemade Popcorn Chicken – The Dairy Kitchen



*DISCLAIMER – Dairy Kitchen is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Dairy Kitchen and our own opinions.   F ind out more about The Dairy KitchenSee more facts about Lactose Intolerance by Dairy Australia.

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Breakfast ideas for Mother’s Day

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 04:00

Start Mum’s day off right by showing off your cooking skills and preparing a delicious breakfast for her to indulge in. No need to leave the house, you can create your own café set-up with a pretty table setting or breakfast delivered to her in bed.

Whether mum prefers something sweet such as Banana Bread or Ricotta Pancakes, or something on the savoury side, like Herb Omelettes, there are plenty of ideas below to impress her tastebuds!

Make this Mother’s Day the most memorable…

To accompany these great breakfast ideas think about delivering your meal to mum in bed as she relaxing for a rare sleep in! Alternatively, you can decorate your table, or create a breakfast buffet, adorned with a smorgasbord of mums favourite meals.

Get creative and remember this is her day and she deserves to be spoilt! Don’t forget when you serve breakfast to the special lady in your life, their favourite cup of coffee or tea is a great addition.

Whether it’s your mum, step-mum, sister, wife, or daughter, all of the lovely ladies in your life deserve to be treated like royalty on this day of appreciation.

You can find all of the ideas below, in this year’s Mother’s Day Foodbook. Your complete guide to planning a meal for mum

Breakfast ideas for Mother’s Day

So, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, get planning with the ideas below. Try one or why not try them all…

Strawberry and Pear Smoothie – Australian Pears


Banana Bread – Devondale


Sweet Potato, Spinach and Feta Muffins – Australian Sweet Potatoes


Chocolate Pear Smoothie – Australian Pears


Eggy Friend Toast with Berries – Australian Eggs


Ricotta Pancakes – Breville


Herb Omelette with Wilted Spinach and Smoked Fish – Australian Eggs


Green Pear Smoothie – Australian Pears


Cinnamon Scrolls – Breville


Pear and Oat Slice – Australian Pears


Mexican Pan Frittata – Australian Eggs


Pear and Coconut Muffins – Australian Pears





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How to turn chicken tenderloins into a family dinner

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 12:44

Chicken tenderloins are the perfect cut of poultry to deliver a a quick and easy weeknight dinner for the family. When you think of chicken tenderloins, you may automatically think of kid’s chicken fingers or nuggets, but they are so much more than that! Yes you can make crunchy homemade chicken strips with tenderloins, but you can also do so many other dinners that will impress the family.

Whether you prefer the chicken tenderloins fried, baked or grilled there is a recipe to suit every appetite at your dinner table.

 What’s the difference between chicken breast and chicken tenderloins?

Many think that chicken tenderloins are simply sliced breast fillet but in actual fact, tenderloins are a slightly different cut. The chicken breast is the meat attached to the ribs, which has very little fat and is boneless when the ribs are removed. The chicken tenderloin on the other hand, is the lean, short cut taken from beneath the breast of the bird. This cut is slightly more tender than the chicken breast.

Benefits of cooking chicken tenderloins for the family
  • Chicken tenderloins are lean and can take only several minutes to cook
  • The chicken strips are a great option for stir-fries, skewers and salads
  • High-protein
  • Tenderloins can be purchased in convenient sliced, serving size packages. Which means they are super easy to throw into a weeknight stir-fry
What to do with leftover chicken tenderloins

Don’t let your cooked chicken go to waste! Stretch out leftover chicken by making ideas like casserole, pasta bake, soups and wraps.

To see how you can turn chicken tenderloins into a tasty and crowd pleasing dinner for the family. Try these chicken tenderloin recipes in your next weekly meal plan. 

Recipes using Chicken Tenderloins

Try these recipes for your next weeknight meal and see how easy it is to turn chicken tenderloins into a family dinner

Spicy Korean Chicken with Cucumber Salad – Lilydale


Chicken Burrito – Lilydale


Chargrilled Cauliflower, Chicken and Caramelized Onion Salad – Lilydale


Tofu and Chicken Laksa – Lilydale


See the full guide on cooking the perfect chicken

*DISCLAIMER: Lilydale is a contributing  recipe Partner at All recipes are contributed by Lilydale and any opinions are our own.  For further information on Lilydale’s range of products, visit the  Lilydale website.

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Four clever milk hacks

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 08:39

It goes hand in hand with our favourite cereal and gives our coffee that creamy hit, but what if we told you there were other ways to use milk that were nothing short of clever!

Our friends at The Dairy Kitchen are experts when it comes to cooking with the creamy stuff, and so, they’ve shared a few milk hacks with us. From using milk to make icy cold smoothies to ensuring your meat is gorgeous and tender:

Four clever milk hacks
  1. The light way to make creamy soups

Thought the only way to make your soup nice and creamy was with cream or sour cream? Well turns out milk is just as much of a winner when it comes to making delicious smooth and silky soup.

2. Reduce the saltiness of feta and haloumi

Some types of feta and haloumi can pack quite the salty punch. Eliminate this by soaking your feta or haloumi in milk for 10 minutes.

3. Milk ice cubes

 A great way to use milk just before the use by-date. Pour milk into ice cube trays and freeze. You can then use them for your morning breakfast smoothie.

4. Marinate and tenderise meats

Dry chicken is a friend to no one. So try this method that soaks your poultry or meat in milk for one hour before cooking. You’ll have a deliciously tender and moist result.


Serve up fresh smashed avocado and tomato on toast with a sprinkle of feta. And if you don’t like the salty taste that feta delivers, simply use the trick above!

Avocado and Feta Toast – The Dairy Kitchen

Make your smoothie icy cold by freezing your milk in ice cube trays. This idea for a mango and avocado smoothie is the perfect one to try this new milk ice trick.

Mango and Avocado Smoothie – Dairy Kitchen


This hearty soup doesn’t need heavy cream to make it glossy and indulgent. It uses the milk trick above to create a smooth and rich consistency. 

Creamy carrot and coriander soup with parmesan toasts – The Dairy Kitchen



*DISCLAIMER:  The Dairy Kitchen is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from The Dairy Kitchen team and our own opinions. Find out more about  The Dairy Kitchen

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The gifts that mum actually wants for Mother’s Day

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 07:21

While some people are all about cars and others have a thing for shoes (okay maybe we’re in that category too), we love a good kitchen appliance.

We know exactly what we want when birthdays and occasions roll around because we have a lust list longer than most people’s weekly shopping list.

Even a new toaster or kettle is enough to send us over the edge… Let alone the holy grail Stand Mixer or a coffee machine. We are basically like kids at Christmas opening the latest technology toy.

And Mother’s Day is no different. We are secretly hoping for something shiny and new for our kitchens. Of course we would be happy with a hand-drawn card or a bath bomb but would a new stand mixer be nice? Yes, yes it would!

Our friends at Breville absolutely understand where we are coming from, so we love that  customers who have purchased a Breville product this month, have the chance to win 1 of 10 Kitchen Appliance collections. And not just any collection, a Luxe collection.

Gleaming gold appliances fit for the most pristine of cooks. A stand mixer that can turn out a classic sponge with ease, a coffee machine that puts your local barista to shame, a toaster that well, is not just your ordinary toaster and a kettle that creates the perfect cup of tea.

See below for the full terms and conditions of the competition, and details on how to enter into the draw to win this incredible prize.

The Breville Luxe Collection is what mum actually wants for Mother’s Day this year

Here’s a look at what you could be creating with your prize…

Pink Marble Meringues – Breville


Magic Custard Cake – Breville

Passionfruit Yo Yo’s – Breville




*DISCLAIMER:  Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Breville and our own opinions.  Find out more information about  Breville.

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