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Many at home cooks forget about the delicious variety of game dishes there are available. During winter there is a huge number of recipes that are a great idea to try at home for a warm, hearty dinner. Take a look at this collection for some inspiration.

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Coconut Poached Spatchcock with Asian Greens

Thai BBQ Spatchcock

Whole Roasted Spatchcock with Rosemary and Thyme Pomme Salardaise

Whole Spanish Quail with Chorizo and Green Bean Salad

Spatchcock and prosciutto roll

Chilli Spatchcock with Baby Beetroot Frisee and Roasted Almonds

Spatchcock Galantine with chorizo stuffing

BBQ Butterfly Spatchcock with Anchovy, Autumn Herbs, Witlof, Endive, Charred Capsicum and Lemon Cheeks

Classic Roast Spatchcock with Stuffing, Roast Autumn Vegetables, Minted Pea Mash and Gravy

Corn Fed Chicken Con Carne

Lemon Risotto Stuffed Quail with Figs and Fennel

Salt Pepper Quail Breast Skewers with Aioli and Charred Lime Cheeks

Whole Roast Stuffed Spatchcock with Mandarin, Wrapped in Pancetta with Sage, Eggplant and Beetroot

Spatchcock poached in Chinese Stock