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Authentic flavours are born in market places and on the streets where traders, travellers and locals alike gather to spark their senses and share stories.  The centrepiece is always food.  Something that sizzles or simmers, creating the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.  The team at Street Kitchen have gathered the essence of real street cusiines and packaged them up into easy-to-use scratch kids.  Just add any meat, seafood, poultry or vegetables to bring your own distincitive style to our products.   We only ask that you cook with joy! 

View the Street Kitchen Range

Coconut Chicken Chettinad Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen Coconut Chicken Chettinad Scratch Kit
Over generations, Chettinad cusine has developed into one of the most recognised...Learn more

Green Thai Curry Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen Thai Green Curry
At its essence is a zesty blend of green herbs and spices which when added to...Learn more

Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Scratch Kits where to buy
Street Kitchen's sweet and salty Japanese Teriyaki kit is fantastic with your choice...Learn more

Kashmiri Tikka Masala Scratch Cooking Kit

Street Kitchen Kashmiri Tikka Masala Kit
Create an authentic and warming Kashmiri Tikka Masala in the comfort of your own...Learn more

Korean Bulgogi Beef Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen Korean Bulgogi Beef Scratch Kit where to buy
This Korean BBQ Stir-Fry scratch cooking kit pays homeage to the Galbi Houses of...Learn more

Malaysian Peanut Satay Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen Malaysian Peanut Satay
In homes, on the street, in restaurants - everywhere and often, people are preparing...Learn more

North Indian Butter Chicken Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen North Indian Butter Chicken
For your delight, the Street Kitchen team have put together the finest ingredients,...Learn more

Pad Thai Scratch Cooking Kit

Street Kitchen Pad Thai Scratch Cooking Kit
The Street Kitchen Pad Thai Noodle kit is full of authentic ingredients to create...Learn more

Punjabi Cashew Korma Scratch Kit

Street Kitchen Punjabi Cashew Korma
This scratch kit Punjabi Korma sauce is mild in flavour, featuring vibrant spices...Learn more

Red Thai Curry

Street Kitchen Asia Red Thai Curry packet shot
Street Kitchen Red Thai Curry is full of authentic spices so you can easily enjoy...Learn more