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This fantastic collection of recipes from Dominique Rizzo are popular for so many occasions, from the week night meal to a special dinner party. Learn the art of pure food cooking with these great recipe ideas. 

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Mushroom and baby choy sum salad with ginger and garlic

Spicy meatballs in lettuce with salsa

Tagliatelle pasta with rich meat ragu

"I can't believe they are not chocolate" Healthy Chocolate Truffles

Baby eggplant with tomato and masala spices

Cheesy smoked paprika short bread

Date, cashew and walnut yoghurt strawberry tart

Fig, balsamic and Polenta Cake

Fresh Artichoke Carpaccio with parmesan, prosciutto and rocket

Healthy Chocolate Brownie

Honey roasted eggplant salad

Italian Broccoli and ricotta tart

Italian Puttanesca salad

Kale Chips

Lemon fennel relish