How to make hot cross buns and what to do when you’ve got too many

Toasty hot cross buns with plenty of butter are a favourite Easter tradition around the world. Learn how to make hot cross buns and discover new ways to enjoy leftover hot cross buns in Easter dessert recipes!

In partnership and featuring recipes from Western Star.

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Hot cross buns as an Easter tradition

One of the world’s favourite Easter traditions has to be enjoying plenty of toasty hot cross buns, generously spread with golden, melted butter. Whether you like yours with traditional fruit and peel, choc chips or the latest new flavour combination, there’s no doubt they’re an essential Easter treat. Learn how to make hot cross buns and discover new ways to enjoy them in Easter dessert recipes!

Before you jump into making Traditional Hot Cross Buns, remember these tips and tricks!

1. Use good quality ingredients

Hot cross buns are made with simple base ingredients: flour, butter, milk and sugar. Quality ingredients will make the end result completely worth it. You will definitely see a difference when you use good quality butter and bakers flour. Speaking of butter, congratulations to the team at Western Star for their recent win of Champion Butter at the 2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

2. Don’t aim for perfection
Hot cross buns are a rustic bread that has been around for hundreds of years, and they look even better when they have that rustic look. Don’t worry about the buns looking identical, just have fun with them.
3. Use good old-fashioned elbow grease
Kneading can be a workout, but there’s an old wives' tale that hot cross buns taste best when kneaded by hand. So, get into the spirit of Easter and knead away (great way to tire out the kids too).
Get the recipe for Traditional Hot Cross Buns here, and make sure you have extra for the two Easter dessert recipes below!

How to eat hot cross buns

The traditional way to eat hot cross buns is fresh, toasted under the grill, or warmed in the oven, cut across its width and slathered with plenty of good quality butter. There’s nothing more appealing than golden pools of butter melting into a fragrant, fruit-studded bun. Cinnamon sugar is a popular addition, or a bit of jam or Nutella.  

However, if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy this beautiful Easter treat, you’ll love these two easy desserts made with hot cross buns.

Easy Choc-Raspberry Hot Cross Bun Pudding

This choc-raspberry hot cross bun pudding is a delicious and easy Easter dessert recipe. With extra richness from dark chocolate and fruity freshness from raspberries, this creamy, custardy pudding is absolutely divine.

Delicious Hot Cross Bun and Chocolate Semifreddo

This hot cross bun semifreddo is like making your own hot cross bun ice cream at home. It’s an elegant Easter dessert that would look beautiful on your Easter table, and it’s so delicious the family are sure to polish it off.

Now you know how to make hot cross buns, plus two delicious desserts made with hot cross buns. Make these recipes and enjoy this wonderful traditional bread this Easter!