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Peach Sangria
Peach Sangria
Peach Sangria
  1. Pour equal amounts sugar and water into a saucepan
  2. Chuck in a cinnamon stick and bring to the boil
  3. Once it's bubbling and the sugar's dissolved, allow to cool.
  4. Add a sliced lemon and sliced peach. Let the fruit marinate in the sugar syrup for a few hours - or overnight if you've got the time
  5. Fill punchbowl or pitcher with ice
  6. Pour in the fruit and syrup
  7. Tip in your bottle of chilled red wine
  8. Throw in about a cup of brandy and top off with Schweppes Soda Water to taste
  9. Give the pitcher a gentle stir with a wooden spoon before serving to your guests
Tips & Hints:
  • Serve in a jug
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