How do I create an account?

Creating an account is free and it's a great way to store and organise your cookbooks full of your favourite recipes. You can create an account via the signup link that appears on the top right-hand-side of the myfoodbook website. You will also be prompted to create an account if you choose to save a recipe to a cookbook.

What does membership cost?

Creating an account with myfoodbook is completely FREE.

Do I have to become a member to use the site?

No. You don't have to be a member to use our site.  Without making an account you can browse, search, view and print all of the recipes on the myfoodbook website.  You can also share recipes with friends using Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter sharing tools.

If you’d like to create a cookbook or save any recipe to a cookbook you will need to create an account. You will be prompted to create an account when you go to save a recipe or create a book.

Why should I create an account?

By having an account you can: 

  • Have a one-stop shop for collecting and storing all your recipes, helping you to be a super organised cook!
  • Save your favourite myfoodbook recipes to your very own cookbooks, organise them into categories such as mains, desserts etc. and easily find them when you’re ready to cook
  • Upload and save your own recipe collections to your cookbook
  • Add your own photos to your recipes 
  • Share your own recipes and cookbooks with friends*
  • Create, save and download eBook cookbooks for all your devices including iPad and iPhone
  • Add professional images to your book cover or recipes using our photo gallery
  • Dedicate your book to a loved one with a personalised message and give as a gift
  • Rate professional recipes on the myfoodbook website

*Your recipes are private and not displayed on the myfoodbook website.  Only you can choose to share your recipes with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or via the sharing button on the recipe page for one-to-one sharing via email.

How do I view and change my account details?

Click on the ‘my account’ menu tab, then select ‘manage my account’ to view and edit your account details.

I’ve lost or forgotten my password

That's ok, it happens.  To retrieve your password, simply click on 'login to your account' then click on ‘forgot your password?’

Then follow the prompts to enter your email address and a new password will be emailed to you.

Creating a myfoodbook cookbook

How do I create a cookbook?

Getting started on your first book is easy! The steps are listed below or you can take a tour to find out more.

To start your first book, go to the Make a Free Cookbook tab on the myfoodbook homepage.

  • Sign up to myfoodbook and create your free account
  • Click on create a new cookbook
  • Give your book a name (eg. Mum’s Recipes, Cathy’s Sweet Treats)
  • Choose a cover image from our selection of professional photos or upload your own image
  • Choose a book cover layout option. We provide three options to choose from.
  • Write a dedication message. This is the first page of your cookbook and features a personal message written by you. It could be a note describing the collection or a message to the recipient if the cookbook is a gift.
  • Write a description. The description is optional. It allows you to summarise the content in your cookbook. This is useful when your books have similar or the same title – the description will help you tell the difference (eg Mum’s Favourites Cookbook and Mum’s Best Cookbook).
  • When you’re ready, starting collecting recipes to add to your book!


How do I search for recipes?

Searching for recipes is so easy! Simply enter the type of recipe you are looking for (such as chicken, Thai, desserts, breakfasts or soups etc) in the search bar and all relevant recipes will be presented. Or you can browse through recipes via the categories to find your favourites. Go to the ‘Recipes’ tab and select from the categories listed, such as breakfast, dinner, meat, vegetarian etc. Each recipe is further classified by difficulty, type, main ingredient, region and occasion, so you can refine your search further to find exactly what you want.

Can I search for recipes by ingredient?

Yes, simply type the ingredient you want (eg. seafood, beef or rice) into our search tool and all recipes with this ingredient mentioned will appear. To refine your search use "quotation marks" around your keywords. For example if you're looking for recipes that use Chicken Stock, search "chicken stock". You can further refine the results with the classification drop down menus.

Can I search for recipes by brand?

Yes, simply type the brand name into the search tool or go to the ‘Contributors’ tab to view all recipes contributed by each Recipe Partner.

How do I add a recipe to my book?

When you find a recipe you like, hit the ‘collect’ button. You will then be prompted to select which book you’d like to add the recipe to. You can add the recipe to one book or many. You can even create a whole new cookbook at this time too.

Why do the recipes feature a logo?

The logo is subtly displayed as recognition of ownership of the supplier of the recipe. Our recipe partner’s work hard to create the delicious recipes we get to enjoy on myfoodbook.

Will you be listing more recipes from Recipe Partners?

New recipe partners are joining regularly and current recipe partners often add more recipes so keep visiting us to see the latest additions.

Why are there no recipes from my favourite brand?

We can only provide recipes that we have been given express permission to replicate. If you want recipes from a particular provider, contact them and tell them to get their recipes on myfoodbook!

I saved a recipe from a recipe partner, but now I can’t find it?

Recipes listed on the myfoodbook website have all been supplied with express permission from a range of professional cooking and food networks. From time to time, recipes may need to be removed from the myfoodbook site. While this can be inconvenient this action is only ever undertaken at the request of our Partners for reasons such as, but not limited to: ingredients used in the recipe are no longer available, there was an error which would impact the success of the recipe, or the recipe was only offered for a limited time as part of a promotion. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. To avoid losing your favourite recipes, the best thing to do is create your own cookbook as an eBook. That way you’ll have a PDF version of your recipe book that’s yours to keep forever.

Adding Your Own Recipes

How do I upload my own recipes?

Select ‘my account' then ‘add a recipe’ where you will be prompted to type in your recipe and add an image. Enter the recipe details including ingredients and method. You will be prompted to specify the type of cuisine, the main ingredient, serving size, level of difficulty and other details. You can also provide further optional information if you wish, such as nutritional values or dining occasion (eg. breakfast). Tick the box to indicate your acceptance of our terms and conditions, and then click on 'save recipe'.

How many recipes can I upload?

You can upload as many recipes as you like.

How do I add a photo to my recipe?

When you create a recipe you’ll be prompted to add a photo. You can upload your own image providing you have permission to use the image. You also have the option of selecting from a small range of royalty free images provided by myfoodbook.

If you wish to print your own eBook professionally then we suggest your image file size be between 2MB and 4MB to get a good resolution.

When I create a recipe, is it spellchecked?

No. Please check the spelling before proceeding.

Is there a word limit on my recipes I upload?

No. Previously the printed cookbooks had a word limit because the recipe needed to fit within one page. With the digital cookbooks you can make your recipe as long as you like.

Can I import recipes from my computer?

You cannot upload a recipe file to your myfoodbook cookbook but you can cut and paste the text (eg. the ingredients and method) from your original document, as well as upload an image.

Can I scan a recipe?

No. Uploading a scanned recipe is a breach of copyright.

Do my recipes become available for others to find?

Your recipes remain in your own private collection. Importantly, only you or those you choose to share with can see your recipes. No one else can access your recipe and it will not appear in search results.

Can I add recipes from my magazines, cookbooks or other websites to my book?

No. It is an infringement of copyright to copy any recipe and/or image expressly. You can only add recipes that you have created yourself or have permission from the owner to upload to myfoodbook.

Can I get permission to use a recipe from a publisher?

It is much easier to search our database and find a similar recipe that you can use rather than going to the trouble of contacting the publisher for permission. Remember every recipe on the myfoodbook website is absolutely free to use and add to your own cookbook.

Can I add a recipe in a language other than English?

The templates are in English (ingredients, difficulty, method etc) so it is best to create your recipe in English. However it is possible for your added text to be in another language.

Editing or Deleting Your Own Recipes

How can I change or delete a recipe that I’ve created?

You can change your own recipes at any time if you want to correct an error, add an ingredient, or delete a recipe. Simply visit the ‘Recipes’ tab and select ‘My Recipes’ to see all the recipes you’ve previously created. Select the recipe you’d like to change then click on ‘edit’ or ‘delete’.

I’ve deleted a recipe and since changed my mind. How can I get it back?

You are not able to resurrect a recipe once it has been deleted but you can re-enter the recipe again by clicking on ‘add your own’ and typing in the recipe again.

I’ve deleted an entire cookbook. Does that delete my recipes?

No. The recipes still exist. If you want to delete all the recipes you must do so one by one.


What size does my image need to be?

If you just wish to view your recipes on a screen then the image size doesn’t matter too much. However if you wish to arrange professional printing of your cookbook we recommend uploading an image no less than 2MB and no bigger than 4MB to achieve good page print quality. For professional photographers, all images should be no less than 300dpi.

Do I have to use a photo with my recipe?

No. The recipe templates are designed to include an image as it does add a nice touch to your final cookbook, but you don’t have to add an image. Your image does not have to be a photo of the recipe; you can upload a photo of anything you like, such as yourself with friends and family (offensive images are not permitted), or select one from one of our royalty free images.

Can I use a photocopy, a scan or an image from a website?

No. You must only upload images that you own or have the legal right to use. Our copyright terms and conditions state that as a member you confirm that you own or are entitled to use any material you post and/or share on the site.

Personalising or Editing My Cookbook

How do I change the cover image on my book?

Under the ‘My Books’ tab, your selected image will be shown as the book cover. To change this, click on ‘edit cover’ located underneath the image.

How do I edit the book title, subtitle and dedication page?

Under the ‘My Books’ tab, your title, subtitle, dedication and description are shown and you can edit them at any time by typing directly into the text box.

How do I remove recipes from my cookbook?

In the ‘My Books’ section open the cookbook, then view the list of recipes. Simply click ‘delete’ to remove any recipes from that cookbook.

Accessing or Downloading My Cookbook

What devices will I be able to view my cookbook on?

You can access your cookbook on your computer by downloading an eBook version of your cookbook or any of our free eBooks. You can also add your cookbook to the myfoodbook app for Apple iPad or iPhone and view it on your own device.

How do I create an eBook?

Once you’ve finished creating your book, simply select ‘Create an eBook’. You will receive an email from myfoodbook with a link to download your eBook to your computer. The eBook will be in PDF format, which you can then view on screen or arrange your own printing.

How do I create an iPad book?

Once you’ve finished creating your book, simply select ‘Create an iPad book’. You will receive an email from myfoodbook with a link to download your iPad book to your myfoodbook app. To do this you must have the latest version of the myfoodbook iPad app for Newsstand. Follow the prompts on the email and then you will find your cookbook sitting in your myfoodbook newsstand app.

How do I create an iPhone book?

Once you’ve finished creating your book, simply select ‘Create an iPhone book’. You will receive an email from myfoodbook with a link to download your iPhone book to your myfoodbook app. To do this you must have the latest version of the myfoodbook iPhone app for Newsstand. Follow the prompts on the email and then you will find your cookbook sitting in your myfoodbook newsstand app.


Can I share my eBook, iPad book or iPhone cookbook that I’ve created?

Yes. Just forward on the email you received from us with the download link.

Can I share my recipes on the myfoodbook site?

Yes. Via the ‘share this recipe’ button you can type in the email address to have a recipe emailed to a friend.  Or click on the icons to share the recipe via Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. However, if anyone you share it with wants to view your recipe they need to become a member of myfoodbook.

Do my friends need to be members for me to share my recipes with them?

Yes. Your friends need to become a member of myfoodbook to see your recipes you share with them, and save to their own cookbook if they wish.

I don’t want to share my recipes anymore. How can I change the setting?

Under your ‘mybooks’ tab you’ll find all your recipes listed under ‘my recipes’. There is a list of people who’ve received the recipe. Click on edit to change this list.

How can I access recipes added by my friends?

Your friends can email you their recipes, which will include a link to the featured recipe on the site. And you can check out all your recipes, including those shared by others in the ‘recipes’ section.

Can I sell my eBook?

No. eBooks are for consumer use only and not for resale.


Can I print recipes that I find on the myfoodbook website?

Yes, as you would print any website page, use your browser icons to print the recipe. 

Can I print an entire cookbook?

Yes. You can download any of the free eBooks provided by myfoodbook and our recipe partners, and print them at home or arrange professional printing yourself. The eBooks are in PDF file format, which you can print just as you would any other document. Likewise with your own cookbooks you create, you can download them as an eBook and print in the same way. Please refer to the terms and conditions regarding content sharing.

Can I print a book that has been shared with me?

Yes. Your friends can forward you the email to download the eBook. Once you’ve downloaded the PDF file to your computer you can print it as you would any other document, and it’s yours to keep forever.


How do I subscribe?

At the top of any page on the website, click on ‘Newsletter’ icon and complete your details to join our mailing list. 

How often will I receive your newsletter?

The myfoodbook customer newsletter is distributed monthly via email.  

How can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

At the foot of the newsletter click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link to remove yourself from our mailing list. 

Recipe Partners

Our recipe partners include top food brands, chefs, artisan producers, grocers, restaurants, markets, appliance and homeware retailers, growers, food magazines and more!  

Essentially, if you are a professional food related brand with tested recipes and supporting quality images, you are eligible to showcase recipe collections with us.  You can find a complete list of our recipe partners on our site here.

Will you be adding more recipe partners?

We are talking to potential new Recipe Partners every week and add new members to our network frequently. Our current Partners also regularly add new recipes so keep visiting the site, sign-up on Facebook or join our newsletter and we'll keep you up-to-date with what's new.

How can I become a recipe partner?

We welcome enquiries from any professional food and cooking brand that is interested in showcasing recipe collections on myfoodbook. To receive a copy of our latest subscription pack or to speak with a member of our team, please contact us to find out more about becoming a Recipe Partner.

What are the requirements for becoming a recipe partner?

Our Recipe Partners are made of professional, legitimate members of the food and cooking community.  Equally, all recipes supplied need to be of a quality that our community of home cooks would want to collect. The following criteria provides some guidelines to becoming a Recipe Partner on the myfoodbook site:

  • You must be a recognised, visible, professional member of the cooking/food industry
  • Your logo/brand is professionally designed and available in high resolution print file format
  • Each of your recipes must be accompanied by a print quality, high resolution image (min 300dpi) that you own and/or have the rights to use; and
  • Your food images should be neat and appropriately styled - just like consumers expect in a professional cookbook
  • For further information, or to receive a copy of our subscription pack, please contact us here.


Myfoodbook proudly supports Foodbank, a national charity that collects un-saleable, surplus and donated food and groceries and distributes them to over 2,500 charities and community groups around Australia.  The food comes from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the public and goes to hostels, shelters, drop-in centers, school breakfast programs, home hampers and emergency relief packages for people in need.  Find out more about Foodbank’s vision for an Australia without hunger.

What support does myfoodbook give Foodbank?

Our commitment to Foodbank forms three elements:

  • Awareness: profiling Foodbank on our site and our Facebook page and helping raise its profile in Australia.
  • Donations: inviting our customers to make a donation via the Foodbank website to help Foodbank continue its many wonderful programs.
  • Campaigns: fundraising initiatives where we make donations to Foodbank. We run a number of campaigns through the year. In 2013 we helped to donate more than 10,000 meals to Foodbank through campaigns, and are continually aiming for more.

How can I make a donation to Foodbank?

Visit foodbank.org.au to find the contact details of your state branch where you can donate directly. 

How will Foodbank use my donation?

Foodbank uses donations from myfoodbook customers to help gather and deliver food and distribute to over 2,500 charities and community groups around Australia.  Visit the Foodbank website to learn more.

Can I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Confirmation of your donation will be listed on your invoice.  Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.


How can I advertise on myfoodbook?

Please contact partner@myfoodbook.com.au for further information.

Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

What are your terms and conditions?

Click here to see a copy of our terms and conditions.  It is a requirement of membership that you accept our terms and conditions.

How do you use my information?

We are committed to and invest in maintaining high standards for the collection, access, storage and use of personal information, which we obtain as part of our business operations.

We respect and uphold our customers’ right to privacy.  We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively, securely, and in accordance with the Australian Government’s National Privacy Principles.

Click here to see our privacy policy.


What if I see a plagiarised recipe or un-credited photo on your site?

We take copyright seriously.  Please contact us at customerservice@myfoodbook.com.au and detail the recipe name and/ or photo description and its rightful owner and we will investigate.  We are committed to ensuring that our content does not breach copyright law.