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Summer Fresh Prawn, Zucchini & Mint Pasta

Summer Fresh Prawn, Zucchini & Mint Pasta
Credit: Inspired by Tobie Puttock
Recipe by: Megann's Kitchen
Average: 3.3 (4 votes)
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Prep:  15 minutes
Cook:  15 minutes
Serves:  4

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Summer Fresh Prawn, Zucchini & Mint Pasta
Prawn, Zucchini & Mint Pasta
Prawn, Zucchini & Mint Pasta
  1. Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water according to packet instructions & al dente. Drain.
  2. While past is cooking, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large non-stick pan over a medium heat.
  3. Add garlic & sauté until soft & fragrant.
  4. Add prawns, chilli, anchovies, lemon zest & cook for about 1 minute or until the prawns just turn opaque. Add wine & allow it to evaporate a little. Add zucchini & heat through.
  5. Add butter & drained pasta, sprinkle over the mint & parsley, tossing & stirring to combine all the ingredients. As soon as dish is heated through, remove the pan from the heat.
  6. Season with ground black pepper & sea salt to taste & add a drizzle of olive oil. Garnish with extra herbs.
  7. Serve immediately.
Tips & Hints:
  • Megann's Kitchen Notes :: Prepare all of your ingredients & measurements before you start cooking as it is a fast tempo once you start! The prawns, chilli, anchovies & lemon zest go in at the same time so I place them all in the one bowl. :: If prawns are not available, use scallops or squid instead. :: When we have fresh chillies in season, I use 1 red chilli chopped finely in lieu of the dried chilli. :: Serve with lemon wedges & extra chilli for those who like a flavour variation. :: If having a dinner party & wanting to impress with this simple dish, add zucchini flowers to the dish by tossing the torn zucchini flowers through at the last minute. :: For more essential top Megann's Kitchen advice, follow onto the Megann's Kitchen web site at ::

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Average: 3.3 (4 votes)