3 ways to make pizza scrolls from scratch

Pie maker pizza scrolls are a great snack and lunchbox filler. Learn how to make pizza scrolls from scratch in a pie maker or in the oven using basic pizza dough. 

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How to make pizza scrolls in a pie maker

The best way to make pizza scrolls from scratch is by using this recipe for homemade pizza dough. Savoury scroll recipes make great lunchbox fillers for kids or snacks for home and work. They also freeze well.
Read on to learn how to make bacon and cheese pizza scrolls, vegetarian pizza scrolls and pepperoni pizza scrolls, each with a helpful step-by-step video that shows how easy it is to make these scrolls in a pie maker or your oven.
Pizza scroll recipes
1. Roasted Capsicum and Eggplant Pizza Scrolls
This vegetarian pizza scrolls recipe is a great little veggie smuggler. Chargrilled eggplant, sweet roast capsicum and baby spinach will be gobbled up thanks to a sprinkle of pizza cheese and sauce.
2. Bacon and Cheese Pizza Scrolls from scratch
Who can resist the classic combo of bacon and cheese? This flavour is always a winner.
3. Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Scrolls
Perhaps the most pizza-like scrolls of all, these pepperoni-packed scrolls will satisfy your pizza cravings. Remember to use mild pepperoni if you're making them for little ones.
How to cook pizza scrolls in a pie maker
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How to cook pizza scrolls in the oven
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How to freeze scrolls
These pizza scrolls freeze really well. It's great to make a big batch and then freeze half to always have fresh scrolls ready to go.
  1. Cook the scrolls and let them cool.
  2. Place scrolls in individual zip lock bags or in a container with parchment paper separating them.
  3. Freeze for up to 1 month.
  4. Frozen scrolls can go straight into lunch boxes and will defrost by lunchtime. Frozen scrolls can also be reheated in a pie maker for 5 minutes or in the oven at 200°C / 180°C fan-forced until warmed through.
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