How to make béchamel sauce in the microwave


Make beautifully creamy béchamel or cheese sauce in the microwave with this recipe. Also see our cheat's bechamel recipe for when you need a quick white sauce.

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How to make béchamel in the microwave

Here are two of the quickest, easiest ways to make béchamel sauce. The microwave béchamel recipe is one of the fastest ways to make white sauce. We also have a cheat's bechamel recipe, which is not a true béchamel sauce, but can be used as a substitute in recipes such as lasagne and mac and cheese.

Microwave béchamel recipe

3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
3 cups milk
½ cup parmesan, grated
Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cut butter into cubes and add to a microwave-safe jug. Add cubes of butter and melt on HIGH 20 secs. Stir and repeat until butter is completely melted.
  2. Add flour and whisk well to create a roux. Cook on HIGH 30 secs; stir and repeat this twice, cooking for 90 seconds total. Roux should be pale.
  3. Whisk in half the milk. Return to microwave; cook HIGH 60 secs. Whisk until sauce is thick and lump free.
  4. Add remaining milk, cook HIGH 60 secs, stir and repeat until sauce is boiling and thickened. Add grated parmesan. Taste sauce and season to taste with salt and pepper.
Be careful when taking the jug in and out of the microwave as it will be very hot. Do not put ice cold milk into the hot jug with the roux or you'll be at risk of shocking the glass. Let the milk stand at room temperature for at least 20 minutes to take the chill off.

How to make cheat's white sauce

500g smooth ricotta
1 egg
½ cup milk
1 cup of your favourite cheese, grated
Simply combine all ingredients until smooth. As it contains egg, this white sauce must be cooked before consuming. 
Use it to layer a lasagne, or stir through cooked macaroni pasta before baking for easy mac and cheese. 

Recipes with béchamel

GET THE RECIPE: Cheat's Frypan Lasagne

This recipe for quick lasagne uses the cheat's white sauce for a creamy, cheesy layer.

GET THE RECIPE: Baked Mac and Cheese

This mac and cheese is so creamy and comforting and has a crispy breadcrumb topping.

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