Easy slow cooker recipes for busy cooks

For those who have a busy week ahead, the idea of easy slow cooker recipes can be a lifesaver. But, if mornings are not your prime time of day, and the idea of preparing lots of ingredients before you head out the door fills you with dread, it's time you discovered easy slow cooker meals with our range of simple slow cooker recipes – the kind of recipes where ingredients are few and cooking is kept simple.
If dinner is often an afterthought once you arrive home, making easy slow cooker recipes before you leave the house can be a great way to ensure you're taking care of yourself and enjoying a nourishing meal each night (and day, if you make enough for leftovers!).

Try these simple tips for making your slow cooking even easier

  • Keep a supply of pre-cut vegetables, meats and herbs on hand for quick and easy slow cooker recipes at a whim.
  • Use your ice-cube trays to freeze herbs in oil and leftover wine and stock that you can pop in your easy slow cooker recipes.
  • Create mixed bags of spices that match well with meats and other slow cooker recipes, so you’ll always have a recipe ready to go.

Try our collection of easy slow cooker meals and treat yourself to a little extra free time of an evening.