Discover the ultimate mushroom sauce recipe

Often, a simple well-made sauce is all it takes to spruce up a simple meal – adding flavour, texture and some sneaky extra veggies to your plate. The perfect mushroom sauce recipe will do just that. Whether you're enjoying a steak-and-three-veg dinner and need to make it a little more special, want a little pour-over mushroom cream sauce to top a roast, or even just want to drizzle a something tasty over mashed potatoes, an easy mushroom sauce may just be your answer!

Here's how to ensure your creamy mushroom sauce recipe tastes its best:

  • Use fresh, quality ingredients: by making sure your mushrooms, onion, herbs and butter are fresh, quality ingredients, you can ensure your mushroom sauce will be
    full of flavour.
  • Cook the onions to perfection: the umami flavour of well-cooked onions will help contribute to a perfect mushroom sauce recipe. Cook your onion in butter until it’s golden-brown, before you add in the other ingredients.
  • Add this secret weapon: for a truly tasty mushroom sauce, add a sneaky kick of Dijon mustard to your sauce and blend it well into the cream. It's a subtle yet effective secret ingredient to make your mushroom sauce recipe your best effort yet! You might also like to add a little parsley and crispy bacon to complete the sauce.

You can top your ultimate mushroom sauce recipe over meats, veggies, pasta, baked potatoes and more. Here are some ideas to get you started.