Drink and Cocktail Recipes | myfoodbook | Smoothies, cocktails and non-alcoholic drink recipes
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Create delicious smoothies, cocktails, mocktails and more at home!

These recipes will give you fresh ideas for special occasions and those when only a special sip will do.

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Peach and Coconut Smoothie

Nectarine Mocktail Punch

Berry Apple & Cranberry Punch

Mango and Avocado Smoothie

Berry Soy-Cream Blend

Weet-Bix Berry Smoothie

Three Avocado Smoothies

Berry, Yoghurt and Mint Smoothie

Peanut butter, Cacao and Banana Smoothie


Peach and Raspberry Smoothie


Apple Crumble Smoothie

Green Apple, Spinach and Mint Smoothie

1 Avocado 4 ways