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Chicken Donburi

Chicken Donburi
Recipe by: Chef's Armoury
Average: 3 (1 vote)
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Prep:  5 Minutes
Cook:  5 minutes + rice
Serves:  2

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Chicken Donburi
Chicken Donburi
Chicken Donburi
  1. Cook rice in advance and divide in two main bowls
  2. Slice raw chicken thighs into 1cm wide strips
  3. Put dashi stock, soy sauce and sugar into a 24cm pan and bring to a simmer
  4. Add onion evenly around pan and then add an even layer of chicken
  5. Simmer lightly with the lid on for a few minutes until the chicken is just cooked through
  6. Beat 2 eggs and 1 egg yolk lightly together and drizzle in an even stream over chicken
  7. Simmer for another minute or so with the lid on until the egg is half cooked
  8. Turn off the heat
  9. Divide the pan contents into two bowls including stock
  10. Top with sliced shallots
Tips & Hints:
  • Do not fully cook the egg in the pan as the hot rice will continue to cook the egg

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Average: 3 (1 vote)