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Raspberry Ripple & Peppermint Crisp Ice-Cream Cake

Raspberry Ripple & Peppermint Crisp Ice-Cream Cake
Recipe by: Creative Gourmet
Average: 3.4 (7 votes)
725 Collected
Prep:  15 Minutes, plus 12 hours freezing time
Cook:  5 Minutes
Serves:  dinner party (8-10)

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Raspberry Ripple & Peppermint Crisp Ice-Cream Cake
  1. Line the base and sides of a 23cm non-stick springform pan with baking paper
  2. To make the raspberry ripple, place half the raspberries and sugar in a medium non-stick frying pan
  3. Heat, stirring and mashing the raspberries with a wooden spoon, over medium heat until the mixture is smooth and comes to the boil
  4. Pass mixture through a sieve to remove seeds. Cool to room temperature
  5. Spoon ice-cream into a large bowl. Set aside to just soften. Stir in custard and peppermint crisps until well combined
  6. Fold through the remaining frozen raspberries. Gently swirl (don't over mix) the cooled raspberry ripple through the mixture
  7. Spoon into prepared pan and smooth the top. Cover with 2 layers of plastic wrap and a layer of foil. Freeze overnight
  8. Loosen ice-cream from sides of pan and turn out onto a flat serving plate. Stand for a few minutes to slightly soften. Scatter with extra frozen raspberries if liked. Cut into slices and serve

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Average: 3.4 (7 votes)