Two delicious twists on classic Anzac biscuits

Turn Anzac biscuits into a new treat! Choose from a delicious caramel treat or comforting dessert: Anzac Caramel Slice or Anzac Apple Crumble.

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Anzac biscuit desserts

The flavour of traditional Anzac biscuits with golden syrup, oats and coconut works so well in other recipes. The team at Fairy have turned their Anzac biscuits into two new recipes: Anzac Caramel Slice with a gooey caramel centre and crisp biscuit base, and Apple and Blueberry Anzac Crumble with gorgeous soft fruits underneath a crisp crumble.
These recipes are fantastic for Anzac Day baking, but once you try them you'll want to enjoy them year-round.
Anzac Caramel Slice
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Chocolate top, gooey caramel filling and a crisp Anzac base. This recipe has everything you could want in a mid-afternoon treat.
Apple and Blueberry Anzac Crumble
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It only makes sense to make your next fruit crumble with an Anzac topping. This recipe gives you a chunkier, crunchy topping that provides a great contrast to the soft fruits. Use whatever fruits are in season, peaches and plums would be great in summer or pears in winter.
Traditional Anzac Biscuit recipe
Sweet, golden and so nostalgic. This traditional recipe makes crisp and crunchy biscuits, but if you prefer them chewy you can simply substitute half the white sugar with brown sugar and bake them for 3-4 minutes less.
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