Cooking with crock pot recipes

Once a retro art, and now a major food trend, crock pot recipes are taking the foodie community by storm. With the rise in the 'slow living' movement, slow cooking is back on the radar of many home cooks.
Crock pot recipes can include all of your favourite vegetables, meats and herbs – which are allowed to soak up flavour for hours – creating a hearty, delicious dish without any extra effort.
Particularly during the cooler months of the year, healthy crockpot recipes become more and more popular. Leave your crock pot to slowly cook easy crockpot recipes throughout the day, tenderising meats and vegetables just in time for you to come home to a flavoursome meal.

What's involved in crock pot cooking?

  • Some speedy prep: chop up your ingredients, then pick your spices, wet ingredients and flavourings to add to the mix.
  • The flick of a switch: pop all your ingredients into the crock pot and start it up.
  • A few hours: enjoy the luxury of having a few hours to kill while your crock pot does the work for you.

If you like the sound of cooking with a crock pot, it's time to try out some of the healthiest, slowest-cooked and best crockpot recipes.