Learn how to make sweet potato chips at home

If you love the idea of tucking into freshly cooked fish and chips of a Friday night, but want to make this quintessential weekend dish a little healthier, it might be time you learn how to make sweet potato chips at home. Team your preferred sweet potato chips recipe with a healthy grilled or baked fish, or perhaps some home-made chicken tenders, and you can enjoy a traditional dish with a twist in your own kitchen.

Want to know how to make sweet potato chips at home?

Consider these tips:

  • Before cooking your sweet potato chips recipe, soak your chips in water to remove the starch. Then, you can rinse and pat dry before you bake or fry.
  • To bake or to fry? Both methods will result in a delicious chip, but generally frying requires a lot more oil to get that extra crisp. If you prefer to use less oil, consider baking your chips.
  • If you decide to bake your chips, spread them out evenly in a single layer on your baking tray, and remember to turn at least once during the cooking process so they cook evenly.

You might like to cover your sweet potato chips in a little flour and spices for a crunchier texture, or look for a sweet potato chips recipe that includes a little parmesan to coat your chips. Paprika, salt and pepper to season, and a little lemon juice squeezed over at the end, can really elevate your sweet potato chips recipe too. And, you can substitute sweet potato for normal potatoes in a whole range of recipes – think stuffed baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato wedges or sweet potato mash!