Mushroom recipes the whole family will enjoy

A favourite fresh food staple, favoured in many cuisines around the world, mushrooms are one of the most versatile vegetables you can keep on hand at home. Not only do they pair perfectly with a wide range of flavours (think rosemary, garlic and thyme), but mushrooms also soak up your marinades and sauces with ease.
Recipes with mushrooms are many and varied – be it a delicious king oyster mushroom recipe, a warming mushroom soup, a fried mushroom recipe or perhaps a mushroom salad recipe – so it's all about finding the best mushroom recipe for you.
With so many mushroom recipes to choose from, the sky’s the limit.

What can you make with mushrooms?

Whether you enjoy…

  • A fried flat mushroom on a hearty burger,
  • a creamy mushroom stroganoff,
  • a healthy stir-fry,
  • a warming mushroom pie,
  • mushrooms on toast,
  • or, a perhaps light mushroom salad recipe…

… adding this protein-rich vegetable to your dishes may be easier than you think.
During the cooler months, mushrooms can make a great addition to your stews, slow cooker recipes, and soups. And, when the temperatures rise, you can find the best mushroom recipe for barbecues and alfresco dining. Why not make mushroom recipes part of your year-round menu?