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Warm up with a slow cooker chicken soup for the soul

Whether it's cold and flu season or you just need a nourishing boost from a gentle, warming dish, slow cooker chicken soup is a restorative meal at any time of year. And, if you're not in the mood to cook, you can pop on that slow cooker of a morning and arrive home to a delicious chicken soup, or perhaps a chicken noodle soup, awaiting you. You might like to make the whole soup in your slow cooker, or perhaps slow cook a whole chicken the night before and use its leftovers in your chicken noodle soup. It's that easy!

Want to know what you'll need to make a restorative slow cooker chicken soup?

  • Good-quality chicken for optimal flavour (breast fillets are usually best for soups)
  • Plenty of vegetables to boost the immune system – choose your favourites!
  • A flavoursome chicken stock, be it store-bought or homemade
  • A handful of herbs to top your bowl and provide a little greenery to garnish

Make a big enough batch of slow cooker chicken soup and the leftovers will keep you going for a couple of days! Why not make a double batch for a friend who could do with a home-cooked meal?


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