Prep:  10 min
Cook:  25 min
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: La Banderita
Cheesy, smoked baked eggs with a wonderful balance of heat in the white sauce. Justine Schofield creates a new way to enjoy eggs with La Banderita flour tortillas.
Credit: Recipe by celebrity chef Justine Schofield

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Baked Eggs by Justine Schofield
Baked Eggs with Jalapeno White Sauce
  1. Heat oil in a fry pan and add garlic and spinach and flash fry until it just starts to wilt. Remove from pan and add a pinch of salt.
  2. Make the béchamel by melting the butter in a saucepan then add the flour and stir to make the roux. Stir for a few minutes to cook out the flour. Using a whisk, gradually add the milk to ensure there are no lumps. Turn the heat up and whisk until the mixture becomes thick. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, a quarter of the cheese, nutmeg, jalapeno and chipotle in adobo sauce. Remove off the heat.
  3. Pre heat the oven to 190C.
  4. Divide the spinach and bechamel between individual ramekins (or a whole baking dish of your choice).
  5. Carefully crack in the eggs. Sprinkle the remaining cheese around the eggs and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes or a little longer for more well-done eggs.
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