Prep:  10 min
Serves:  1
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This ultra-easy treat is a great way to enjoy Easter eggs as a special dessert. Fill Easter Eggs with cream and berries for a quick and easy treat in 10 minutes

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Berry Filled Easter Eggs with Cream
  1. Unwrap the top section of the Easter eggs, leaving most of the wrapping intact so you don't leave finger prints on the eggs when handling. Dip a small, sharp knife in boiling water and dry, then cut small incisions across the top of the Easter egg until you're able to prize the top off
  2. Unwrap the eggs completely and rest in a deep bowl. Fill with berries and dollop with whipped cream to serve
Tips & Hints:
  • You can flavour the cream with your favourite liqueur and a little sugar if you like. Try brandy, Cointreau or Frangelico! Alternatively, try marinating the berries in a flavoured syrup, liqueur or orange juice.
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