Greek Lemon with a Medley of Greens

Greek Lemon with a Medley of Greens
Recipe by: Birch and Waite
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Prep:  5 min
Cook:  5 min
Serves:  6
If you're short on time and green vegie inspiration, try this for a fast Mediterranean way to spark up beans, peas and everything green. Steam your favourite vegies and gently toss with Birch & Waite Greek Lemon Dressing to transform your side dish.

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Greek Lemon with a Medley of Greens
  1. Steam or microwave vegetables until just tender. Combine vegetables in a bowl with preserved lemon (optional)
  2. Add Birch & Waite Greek Lemon Dressing. Carefully toss vegetables to coat in dressing
  3. Serve on a platter when entertaining, or with your family dinner
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