4 savoury monkey bread recipes

Learn how to make cheesy savoury monkey bread from scratch with these four different recipes! 

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4 Savoury monkey bread recipes

Monkey bread is made up of many small pieces of dough baked together with a topping. It first appeared in Hungary and was originally a sweet pastry, but nowadays you can find both sweet and savoury versions. It's called monkey bread because you eat it by pulling it apart with your hands.
Here are four different variations using pizza dough and flavoured with different herbs, cheeses and dips. If you don't want to make your own pizza dough from scratch, you can always use store bought pizza dough instead. Check them out below and start baking!
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Balls of pizza dough are both stuffed and topped with cheese for lots of cheesy goodness. Serve it hot and watch it disappear! 
Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Monkey Bread recipe
If you're a supporter of pineapple on pizza, this savoury-sweet monkey bread will be right up your alley.
Garlic Monkey Bread with Hot Cheesy Dip recipe
For garlic bread lovers, this extra indulgent version of monkey bread served with a hot cream cheese dip is a must try. Perfect for footy finals or movie night.
Cheese and Chive Monkey Bread recipe
Cheese and Chive Monkey Bread
Cheese and chives are a classic pairing that works deliciously on monkey bread.
More great recipes
Once you've made these monkey bread recipes, you'll have the dough down pat which is perfect for making pizzas at home. Get plenty of pizza recipes here, and find more cheesy recipes here.
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