Cooking with Parmesan

Practical tips on incorporating Parmesan cheese into everyday recipes. From pasta to salads, these easy-to-follow ideas and recipes will add that extra flavour to your meals that everyone will love.

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Cooking with Parmesan: Bring the flavour to easy, everyday meals

If there's one ingredient that can instantly transform your everyday meals from ho-hum to oh-so-delicious, it's Parmesan cheese. You don't need to be a culinary expert to appreciate the magic of this cheese. Let's dive into the world of Parmesan and discover how you can use it to elevate your home-cooked dishes.
Why Parmesan?
First things first, why is Parmesan cheese a kitchen superhero? Well, it brings a burst of umami, a savoury depth of flavour, and a satisfyingly salty kick to your dishes. Whether it's sprinkled over pasta, used in a sauce, or shaved onto a salad, Parmesan cheese can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Pasta Perfection
Let's start with the most iconic pairing: pasta and Parmesan. It's a match made in heaven. Whenever you're cooking up your favourite pasta dish, don't forget the Parmesan. After tossing your cooked pasta with sauce, sprinkle a generous amount of grated Parmesan on top. The heat from the pasta will melt it into a creamy, dreamy sauce that clings to every strand of spaghetti.
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Salads with a Twist
Salads are fantastic, but they can sometimes feel a bit light-on in flavour. Enter Parmesan cheese! Shave it into delicate ribbons and scatter them over your greens. The saltiness and nuttiness of Parmesan will add a delightful contrast to the freshness of your salad. It's like a flavour explosion in every bite.
Roasted Veggie Delight
Roasting vegetables is a simple way to bring out their natural sweetness. Take it up a notch by grating some Parmesan over them before roasting. As the veggies cook, the cheese will turn golden and crispy, creating an irresistible crust. Your family will be begging for seconds.
Crumbing sensation
Who can resist the allure of a perfectly crispy crumb? Whether you're crafting pork cutlets, schnitzel, or a mouth-watering parmigiana, Parmesan is the key to taking your crumb flavour to the next level.
Just add a generous cup or two of finely grated Parmesan to your panko or fresh breadcrumbs before giving them a luxurious dip in an egg mixture. Then, as you shallow fry to perfection, witness the magical metamorphosis as your crumbs turn into a gorgeously golden, subtly crispy coating that imparts an explosion of flavour with every savoury bite.
Essential to good Pesto
Appreciating the art of creating a fresh, flavourful sauce is a culinary joy. When it comes to whipping up delightful sauces like pesto, Parmesan plays a starring role.
Start by gathering your fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and, of course, Parmesan cheese. Toss them all into a food processor and let the magic happen. As the ingredients blend into a vibrant green masterpiece, that Parmesan cheese adds a creamy, nutty richness that elevates the entire sauce. Pour it over your pasta or use it as a dip or spread.
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Parmesan Popcorn
Yes, you read that right! Parmesan popcorn is a delightful snack that's super easy to make. Pop some popcorn, drizzle it with melted butter, and generously sprinkle grated Parmesan over it. Toss it all together for a savoury, cheesy treat that will disappear faster than you can say "movie night."
So, as you can see, Parmesan cheese is your secret weapon for taking your everyday dishes to the next level. It's versatile, easy to use, and adds a burst of flavour to everything it touches. So, next time you're in the kitchen, reach for that block of Parmesan, and get ready to amaze your taste buds. Happy cooking!
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