Easter egg decorating ideas that don’t involve dye

Easy and fun Easter egg decorating ideas without dye! These no-dye Easter egg activities for kids will give you inspiration for the school holidays. We also have Easter egg craft ideas that don't actually need eggs.

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Easter egg decorating without dye

Easter is the season of chocolate, decorating eggs and holidays. For kids, it means Easter egg hunts, yummy food and lots of fun crafts. For parents, it means a lot of planning.

Easter egg decorating traditionally involves oodles of vinegar-based dye and even more mess. In theory it’s a fun DIY activity to enjoy with the kids, in reality… a colourful, clothes-stained nightmare! This Easter, ditch the dye and have a crack at some of these unique, exciting and child-friendly egg decorating ideas.

Pompom Easter eggs 

Create farm animal Easter eggs with pompoms or cotton balls. Whether you use this technique to make a woolly sheep, Easter bunny, or fluffy chick, Look What I Made’s egg decorations are too cute not to try!

Credit: Look What I Made

Easter egg printables or stickers

So simple and fuss-free, stickers and print-outs bring all sorts of ideas to life. Let a child’s imagination run wild as they create a variety of fun characters. Sewyeah’s paper print outs put a modern twist on traditional Easter decorations with a vibrant circus theme.

Credit: Sewyeah

Markers, paint or crayons

Letting kids draw away with markers, paint or crayons. Remember to use non-toxic choices so you can eat your eggs afterwards, and for younger ages, washable markers or crayons are the recommended choice. While you can go to town with colourful designs and patterns, Flax and Twine shows us that even a simple smiley can make for the most charming of egg decorations.

Credit: Flax and Twine

Egg decorating without eggs

Looking for a substitute for eggs for your decorating project? We've found some great ideas for Easter egg crafts that don't actually need eggs.

Paper-mache Easter eggs

These new-style paper-mache (or papier-mâché) eggs by Karuski are simple to make and look fabulous. All you need is some coloured card, scissors, glue and balloons. You could also use white card and let the kids paint them in bright colours once dry.

Credit: Karuski

Chocolate crackle Easter eggs

Make them, decorate them, then eat them! Play around with different lollies, sprinkes, edible glitter and sanding sugar to take your creations to the next level. Get the recipe here.

String Easter eggs

These cute eggs by Aleene's take a little bit of time to dry but the result is worth it. They're extra sweet with a few chocolate eggs inside!

Credit: Aleene's

Easter egg decorating is all about having fun, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different ideas and try new methods.

For more activities to keep the kids busy why not get them involved in some Easter baking! If you want to get the kids in the kitchen but want to keep it extra simple, try these great no-bake kids cooking ideas. Have fun, whichever way you choose to get the kids involved this Easter.

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