10 egg recipes for dinner

We have plenty of healthy dinner ideas made with eggs.  A healthy way to add protein and nutrients to your meal, these delicious egg recipes can be enjoyed for dinner any day of the week with these simple and easy recipes.

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10 ways to eat eggs for dinner

We love cooking these egg recipes for dinner. Egg recipes are great because most households always have a carton on hand, and they're easy to turn into a quick and delicious meal. Throw in the fact that Australian Eggs are cheap and healthy and you've got the perfect dinner ingredient.
Is it okay to eat eggs for dinner?
Eggs have a firm status as a breakfast food, so maybe that's why this is a commonly asked question. It is perfectly healthy to eat eggs for dinner. Boiled, fried, waffled, or cooked however you like, eggs are full of essential nutrients including protein, vitamin D, folate and omega-3s. These nutrients are great for your body no matter what time you eat them.
10 easy meals with eggs
These are quick and great for using up eggs and leftovers. Chop up extra veggies and leftover meat, and sauté them before turning them into a frittata. Try out this healthy lentil and feta frittata, or go fancy with these smoked trout frittata squares.
Savoury Pies
If you need ideas for what to put in your pie, consider adding some eggs. They are a delicious and cheap way to add nutrition and protein. This easy fish pie includes eggs in its creamy filling. These bite-sized pie-maker pies with caramelised onion, tomato and thyme are also real crowd-pleasers.
Easy bake recipes
One of the best quick dinners is a tray bake. Pop some fresh vegetables and eggs onto a tray and leave it to bake like in the egg bacon and sprouts tray bake. The combination of runny yolks with roasted, caramelised veggies is fantastic, and there's only one pan to clean.
Add more protein to nachos
Take your nachos to the next level with some eggs. Crunchy chips with your favourite toppings are elevated with the addition of gooey eggs. Check out the video below, you'll never have nachos without eggs again.
Make salads more filling
If you want to add more protein to your salad, try adding eggs. Your salad will be more filling and delicious, try adding boiled, poached or fried eggs. Get more ideas for hearty and healthy salads here.
Bowl food recipes
Everyone loves comforting bowl food. Take the healthy route with a filling buddha bowl, just fill a bowl with your favourite grain and veggies and top with eggs. Or go international with a Japanese chicken donburi (which literally means bowl) which makes for a delightful meal of saucy rice, egg and chicken.
Family pasta dinner
Make a creamy, cheesy pasta carbonara and top it with an extra poached egg or two. It's rich and delicious but still quick to put together. Make it a square meal by adding salad on the side.
Different omelette recipes
Omelettes are great, if you're looking for a way to switch it up or if you’re wondering what else to make with a waffle maker, omelette recipes for waffle makers will be a hit. Their waffly design makes them the perfect vessel for sauces and crumbly toppings like bacon or fetta.
Healthy and filling soup
If you want to make your soup more filling, drop in some eggs. Either add boiled eggs, or beat a couple of eggs and drizzle into your soup as it’s simmering. You’ll get silky ribbons of flavourful, soupy goodness. If you haven’t tried it before, give this recipe for egg drop soup a whirl, then try the technique with other soups.
Top fritters with eggs to boost the protein and keep your fuller for longer. A runny poached or fried egg on top of a stack of fritters is our favourite way to do it.
Savoury terrine
Next time you make a terrine or meatloaf, consider adding some parboiled eggs to the centre. Not only is it a great way to add extra nutrients, it makes for a show-stopping slice.
Check out the recipes below for more recipes and ideas with eggs!
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