Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  15 minutes
Serves:  4
Average: 4.6 (23 votes)
Recipe by: Australian Eggs
Whip up this tasty pasta salad in a breeze, taking less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Not only is it quick and easy, but it's also budget-friendly, coming in at under $3.50 per serving.
Credit: Whisk Media Group

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Play Video: Pesto, Tuna and Egg Pasta Salad
Pesto, Tuna and Egg Pasta Salad
  1. Cook pasta according to packet instructions. Drain and refresh in cold water. Transfer to a salad bowl
  2. Mix together mayonnaise and pesto and stir through the pasta. Add tuna and tomatoes and toss gently to mix
  3. Arrange eggs over the top and season with salt and pepper
Tips & Hints:
  • To cook medium boiled eggs: Add eggs to a saucepan and just cover with tap water. Cook over medium heat. Once the water reaches a simmer, start a timer for 6 minutes. Gently stir the eggs in a clockwise direction, the movement of the water will help centre the yolks. Use a large spoon to remove the eggs from the saucepan. Cool the eggs by running them under cold tap water for 30-60 seconds or placing them in a bowl of iced water.
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