Kids baking ideas for all ages

Here are some simple Easter baking ideas and decorating tips for some creative Easter activities! These fun Easter ideas are great to get the whole family involved, from toddler to teen. Cooking is a great indoor Easter activity to try this school holidays.


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Kids baking ideas for all ages

It’s always a good time when you get the children into the kitchen for some fun, kid-friendly cooking. A simple baking recipe works well with kids, but even slightly more complex recipes have steps where kids of ages can get involved, whether it's stirring or decorating. Baking is a great way to unwind and have fun when you need a good indoor activities for kids. Follow this guide to the best tips for getting kids of all ages involved in cooking! 

How to bake with toddlers

Mixing and stirring with your assistance
Arranging Easter eggs or sprinkles on cakes and other baked goods
Sprinkling icing sugar

How to bake with children 4-7 years

Assembling the baking ingredients and tools
Choosing the colours and decorations
Mixing, stirring and pouring, with assistance if required
Decorating with chocolate eggs, sprinkles and other toppings
Using cookie cutters

How to bake with kids 8-11 years

Measuring out ingredients
Setting the oven temperature
Cracking eggs into the bowl
Cutting and chopping butter, candy or other soft ingredients with butter knives or scissors

How to bake with pre-teens and teens 12 & up

This is a good age to start introducing proper cooking techniques, so you can assign more complex tasks.
Kneading dough
Greasing or lining baking tins
Piping icing onto cakes and cupcakes
Whisking, slicing and dicing

Decorating items – what to look for

After picking the recipes, it’s time to stock up on edible decorations. You can find food colouring, sprinkles, sanding sugar, edible glitter and pre-made cake toppers in the supermarket, which make decorating your treats extra fun.

Different sizes and colours of Easter eggs – a combination of sizes and styles of chocolate eggs can look impressive on top of a cake
Speckle eggs – these colourful additions can brighten any Easter recipe
Chocolate shavings – you can purchase a block of chocolate and grate it
Colourful ribbon – tie around the base of a cake
Mini bags or jars – package treats as a gift
Candies, sprinkles, edible glitter or sanding sugar
Easter themed cake toppers – for example fondant Easter bunnies
Pastel cupcake wrappers
Then for the kids’ favourite bit – let them get creative and have free reign in the decorating process! If you’re worried about the mess, a good tip is to clear your working area beforehand and have towels and a dustpan ready to catch any spills. Tie back long hair, and have the kids wear aprons or clothing they can get dirty. You can also pop newspaper or butcher’s paper on the floor to catch any spills.

GET THE RECIPE: Chocolate Crackle Bunnies

These chocolate crackle shapes are a great Easter treat. Let the kids choose their own colours and decorations and get creative.