Cooking with kids | Tips and recipes

These easy tips and recipes will make cooking with the kids super fun for everyone involved. With a little bit of prep and the right recipes, making something delicious to enjoy with the littlies can turn into lifelong memories.

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5 tips for cooking with kids

Cooking with children can be a super fun learning experience, or it can turn into a right mess, and in many cases both! With these five quick tips you can make it much more easy and enjoyable for everyone involved, and end up with something delicious to eat in the end.

1. Choose the right recipe

Simple, no-fail recipes are ideal, as you can let the children work more independently. Look for recipes that can’t be overmixed and aren’t time sensitive. No-bake treats like chocolate crackles, rocky road and honey joys are great.
Cakes, slices and other baked goods are fantastic too, but will require more guidance. Consider the age of the children, their current cooking ability and how involved you’d like to be.

2. Accept the mess

Spills and thrills are inevitable, but before you get started, tick off this checklist for an easier clean up:
  • Clear your workspace
  • Put on aprons or old clothes
  • Tie back long hair
  • Lay down butchers’ paper or plastic table cloth
  • Have a dustpan at the ready
  • Place a bin nearby
With these tips in place, cleaning up with the kids’ help will be a breeze.

3. Set aside plenty of time

Forget the estimated prep time! It’s likely to take much longer when you’re involving the littlies. If you need to make something by a certain time, choose a make-ahead recipe and make it the day before. Or set aside lots of extra time, accounting for clean up as well! 

4. Take the learning opprtunities

Cooking is a great chance to make learning fun. Food hygiene and safety is number one, teach the children things like washing their hands and not to lick utensils (until they're finished, of course). Also encourage them to think about measurements, teamwork, sharing and telling the time for baking and setting.

5. Have fun with each step

The fun is in the journey, not just the destination. Whether it’s getting a good look at the melted chocolate, or stirring just a bit longer than necessary - let the kids lead the way and have fun mixing, playing and enjoying each part of the process.

Get cooking

If you're ready to get started, check out the easiest no-bake recipes for kids below! Or if you're ready to start on baking or more complex recipes, check out these collections:

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GET THE RECIPE: Chocolate Crackles

Chocolate crackles are not only a nostalgic Aussie favourite, they're also a foolproof recipe that can't go wrong. This recipe also gets decorated with colourful M&M's, or you could let them use their favourite lollies.

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This slice has three layers, including a crushed biscuit layer which is always fun!

GET THE RECIPE: Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

Lots of different colours means lots of opportunities for each kid to get their turn stirring. You can also teach kids about mixing colours, such as red and yellow for orange, or blue and yellow for green.


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