One crackle mixture, two bunny-shaped treats

Turn white chocolate crackles into these cute bunny-shaped treats! You can create two adorable bunny desserts with the same no-bake mixture. Try these adorable bunnies out for Easter, baby showers or kids parties.

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One crackle mixture, two bunny-shaped treats

Turn white chocolate crackles into these cute bunny-shaped treats! With one no-bake chocolate crackle mixture, you can create two different bunny shapes. They’re also easy to colour in whatever colours you love. These ideas are fantastic for Easter, baby showers or kids’ parties.

Watch the videos and get helpful tips below. Hop to it!

Watch how to make White Crackle Bunnies

Get the recipe: White Crackle Bunnies

So hopping cute! These crunchy white chocolate and coconut bunnies will be bouncing away in little hands before you know it.

Watch how to make White Crackle Bunny Heads

Get the recipe: White Crackle Bunny Heads

Go big with these bunny heads! Have fun and colour the crackle in a rainbow of hues.

Tips for making the crackle mixture

Why does my crackle mixture seem so runny?

The crackle mixture will seem very wet, don’t worry! It will firm up in the fridge into a scoop-able texture. It’s important to add Copha as this will give you the right texture for scooping and rolling, and it will have a truffle-like texture when you eat it.

Why do you stir the crackle mixture while it’s cooling?

Stirring the crackle mixture every 15 minutes ensures that it firms up evenly. It also means that you can take out the crackle when it's cooled to the right texture. It should be just firm enough to scoop and hold its shape. If your crackle mixture gets too hard, let it sit out at room temperature for 15 minutes.

Tips for decorating the bunnies

Where can I find the decorations?

The eyeball decorations, sprinkles and writing icing are easily available in the baking aisle of the supermarket, and find the lollies from the sweets aisle.

Why do you need to add Copha to the white chocolate melts?

Adding Copha to the white chocolate melts does two things: it makes the mixture runny, and keeps it at a good dipping consistency for longer. This makes it easy to coat your crackles and decorations, as the excess runs off easily and you won’t need to reheat the mixture as often.

What do I do if my dipping chocolate has gotten too hard?

Remelt the chocolate by microwaving it in 30 second intervals and stirring.

What do I do if my decorations won’t stick?

Allow the chocolate to cool and thicken slightly to use as glue. Place and hold candy features for 3-5 seconds to allow chocolate to harden. When using banana lollies for ears, you can cut off the bottom so it's flat and easier to stick on.

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