Throw a Mexican dinner party with these six easy taco recipes

These recipes are so fun for entertaining and having a taco party. Prepare them yourself or let your guests make their own, and with these taco recipes on the menu the flavour combinations are endless.

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Six easy ways to entertain with tacos

Tacos may traditionally be street food, but they’re also an entertainer's delight. 
The elements can be pre-prepared, you can mix them up and choose to either assemble them yourself or place everything in the middle of the table so people can DIY. 
A good taco is made up of three elements; a tortilla, a filling which is usually protein and condiments such as salsa, sauces, vegetables and pickles. 

Tortillas cater to a variety of eaters. They’re made of either flour or corn and the latter are perfect for those who are gluten free. 
Then there are the different sizes, the four-inch tacos are the just right for kids or if you’re serving an entrée, six-inch tacos are made for mains and larger appetites while the 10-inch variety are perfect for burritos or makeshift pizza bases. 

Popular TV chef Justine Schofield is a fan of tacos. 
“I love using La Banderita for their fresh, perfectly soft, restaurant-quality tortillas,” she says. 
“Warm hearty meals, traditionally found in Mexican cuisine, are great staples to add to your repertoire. Armed with these recipes, just add great company, conversation and a cosy kitchen to bring guaranteed cheer to the table.” 

1. Scallop tacos 


GET THE RECIPE: Scallop Tacos
This seafood taco recipe makes a great appetiser. Sweet scallops with a hint of paprika are teamed with a zesty corn salsa and crunchy red cabbage. 

2. Lamb birria 

GET THE RECIPE: Lamb Birria Tacos
This takes some effort, but is well worth it. Fill the tortillas with spiced lamb shanks and cheese, fry on both sides until crispy then dip into the broth the lamb was cooked in. 

3. Cumin-crusted lamb 

A new way to serve a leg of lamb. Cook the joint, warm the tortillas and fill them with carved lamb, pan juices, onions, tomatoes, parsley and feta.

4. Beef cheek

GET THE RECIPE: Beef Cheek Tacos

Beef cheeks slow cooked in a mix of Mexican spices are served with a dollop of yoghurt or sour cream, pickled onions and avocado. They’re great as tacos, but if you opt for the La Banderita Burrito Grande tortillas, you’ve got a burrito. 

5. Duck and orange carnitas 

GET THE RECIPE: Duck and Orange Carnitas
Carnitas are traditionally made with slow-cooked pork, but Schofield’s recipe uses shredded meat from duck legs. It’s a play on classic flavours served up in a new way. 

6. Charred eggplant 

GET THE RECIPE: Charred Eggplant Tacos
This is going to be your new favourite Meat-Free Monday recipe. Baste the eggplant in Mexican spices, roast until soft and caramelised and serve it with an avocado cream. 

This article is written in partnership with La Banderita.

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