Justine Schofield creates NEW Mexican recipes with La Banderita

Get your hands on these new Mexican recipes created with La Banderita by Justine Schofield.

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Fresh Mexican recipes to spice up meal time

Dive into a world of Mexican favourites, with ten new La Banderita recipes by Justine Schofield for any time of the day. 
When it comes to authentic tortillas, fajitas and tacos, La Banderita has it covered. “I love using La Banderita for their fresh, perfectly soft restaurant-quality tortillas,” says Schofield. Armed with a packet of La Banderita tortillas and Justine Schofield’s collection of recipes, you’re set to make warming Mexican meals that will bring cheer to any table.
Justine has created these mid-week meals and easy entertainers full of the bold spices and flavours of Mexico, with flavours like heady cumin, rich and smoky chipotle chillies and zesty lime. Her recreation of the trending Lamb Birria Tacos is a prime example. These crisp pan-fried tacos are full of succulent lamb flavoured with dried guajillo chillies, cumin, coriander and oregano. Dip them into flavourful lamb broth for a taco experience like no other. Tender and juicy with a satisfying crunch, it’s no wonder they’re a viral sensation.
The flavour train doesn’t stop there. The Cumin-Crusted Leg of Lamb is ideal to slice and serve in tortillas. For parties, you can't go past crispy cream cheese-filled Chicken Taquitos, or kick the fancy dial up a notch with Duck and Orange Carnitas wrapped in soft tacos. You can even bring Mexican food to breakfast time, dipping your tortillas in spicy Baked Eggs with Jalapeno White Sauce
See all of La Banderita’s recipes by Justine Schofield below, including videos and step-by-step instructions to make your Mexican fiesta easy.
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These trending tacos offer the best of both worlds, with crispy tortillas wrapped around tender, juicy lamb shank filling.
These little rolled tortillas are filled with chicken and cream cheese filling then fried until crispy, serve hot and watch them to fly off the plate!
These slow-cooked tacos will fill your home with warmth and the scent of delicious Mexican spices.
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