Why shop at your local greengrocer

There are so many reasons why you should shop at your local greengrocer over the large supermarkets. We look at all the benefits of shopping locally as well as fresh recipes for summer entertaining.

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Why shop at your local greengrocer

There's no doubt that when you shop locally there's a feel good factor that you're supporting a small business and your commmunity. And there's a special relationship we Aussies have with our greengrocer. They've watched your kids grow, slipped a few new-season fruits into their hands, and maybe chatted to you about what you're cooking up with the produce.

But there's also other more tangible benefits to buying your fruit and veg from your local greengrocer. Why shop at your local greengrocer? Here's 6 good-for-you reasons according to Sydney Markets

  1. Freshest Produce: Produce arrives at the markets within about 12-24 hours of harvesting and your greengrocer is there at the crack of dawn picking out the freshest produce. You know that it will last that bit longer in the fruit bowl because it hasn't been sitting on the shelves or in the cool room or a giant supermarket.
  2. Less Food Miles: Because green grocers are buying direct from the local growers – both big and small – the produce doesn't have to travel halfway across the country to get to your table. 
  3. Value for Money: Greengrocers can react quicker to supply and demand and therefore offer fabulous money-saving specials quicker and more frequently than the supermarkets. 
  4. Personal Service: You can ask your local greengrocer if you're after a special fruit, vegetable or herb for a recipe you're making and provided it's in season and available, they can source it for you no matter how big or small the order. 
  5. Learn New Ideas: As well as helping you to select the best produce, your greengrocer can teach you about storage and give you tasty tips on what to do with your fresh produce.
  6. A Vibrant Community: Shopping locally supports the local economy and helps build a vibrant communal hub.



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