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21 Recipes
Easy recipes to make with chorizo at home.  Choose from classic paella to baked eggs, tortillas, croquettes and more. 
The best collection of chicken and chorizo recipes to make at home from paella to tray bakes, breakfast, dinners and more.
Eggs aren't just for breakfast, they make a fantastic meal at any time of the day! Check out these recipe ideas with eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  These quick working from home lunch ideas are ready in 20 minutes or less! Get the recipes and save them to your myfoodbook cookbooks so you always have a lunch recipe on hand.
These mild curry recipes have toned down the chilli factor so everyone including the kids can enjoy them! So tasty and full of Indian or Sri Lankan spices, these family-friendly curries will become dinner staples.
  Try out these healthy lunch bowls to keep you energised when you're working from home or in the office. These quick and easy lunch bowls, nourish bowls, buddha bowls and poke bowls and salad bowls are full of wholesome ingredients.
  These make-ahead lunches include slices, pies, tarts and more that you can easily meal prep whether you're working from home or taking lunch to the office.
Spanish chorizo sausage makes a tasty addition to dinners! Try these dinner ideas with chorizo and other ingredients including rice, potatoes, chicken and more.
These pesto recipes are fantastic for dinner. Get easy pesto pastas, salads, risotto and more.
These are simple lockdown meals are based on pantry staples like beans, canned tuna, rice and pasta, plus meat or veggies from the fridge.