Healthy slow cooker recipes for mid-week dinners

Some days, ensuring you're cooking food that is not only delicious and quick to prepare, but also nutritionally beneficial can be a tricky balancing act – especially when you’re on the go all day. But, there is a simple solution that can be a big help at the end of a busy day: healthy slow cooker recipes are a great way to get head and ensure you're eating well.
Healthy slow cooker meals are wholesome, simple to make and ready to indulge in when you arrive home. And, the best part? Healthy slow cooker recipes needn't be difficult to make, often contain few ingredients, and can give you a little extra time and energy of an evening. All it takes is a little preparation in the morning and you'll arrive home to a wonderful slow cooked meal.

Healthy slow cooker recipes can be…

  • A great way to meet your daily vegetable requirement
  • An easy way to add immune-boosting ingredients like garlic and ginger to meals, and
  • Low in carbs and higher in protein-rich ingredients.

Why not finish your day with one of these slow cooker healthy recipes this week?