Easy Slow Cooked Beef

Beyond the put-together front that many entertainers possess, is an often chaotic kitchen. Particularly when multiple courses an involved. The best way to get past this? Prepare in advance.
Especially when it comes to your main meal. Choose something like slow cooked beef and you'll have a big part of your dinner ready to go. Slow cooker beef recipes are easy, rich in flavour and simple to create with an impressive flare. Try slow cooker recipes with beef like beef bourguignon or make a classic slow cooked beef recipe like braised mushroom and beef casserole.
Pair slow cooked beef ideas with sides like creamy mashed potatoes or try making a slow cooked beef curry like rogan josh, and pair with rice and poppadum's. There are so many ideas and so many cuisines that have a different take on the humble beef slow cooker recipe.
With ideas that certainly aren't short on flavour, your guests will be impressed and asking for these slow cooker recipes.