Prep:  30 Minutes, plus 30 minutes resting time for the dough
Cook:  5 Minutes
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: KitchenAid
Something a little different... fresh homemade pasta with the addition of fresh beetroot. This recipe uses the KitchenAid Platinum Stand Mixer KSM156 with the Pasta Roller Attachment by KitchenAid.

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Beetroot Tagliatelle
  1. For best results use the KitchenAid Platinum Stand Mixer KSM156 with the Pasta Roller Attachment
  2. Pre heat oven to 200°C (180°C) and line a baking tray with baking paper. Place the beetroot on the tray and spray with oil. Roast 30 minutes or until very tender. Puree with the water & vinegar to a smooth sauce
  3. Attach the flat beater and mixing bowl to the standmixer. Add the flour, salt and pepper, eggs, oil and 2 tablespoons only of the beetroot puree to the mixing bowl
  4. Mix on speed 2 until mixture just comes together. Change to the dough hook and knead on speed 1 or 2 for 3-5 minutes or until dough is smooth and very soft. Dough can be slightly sticky so a little extra flour can be added if needed
  5. Wrap the pasta in plastic and refrigerate (if desired) to rest for 15 minutes. Cut into 6 even thick slices
  6. Attach the pasta roller to the standmixer. Dust the roller and pasta lightly with a little extra flour
  7. Attach pasta sheet roller to stand mixer. Take one section of dough and pat out to flatten. Adjust the roller setting to 1. Turn mixer to speed 4 and feed the dough into rollers. Fold dough in half and feed through again. Repeat this step twice. Adjusting the rollers to setting 2 then 3, then 4 for each roll
  8. Remove the lasagna sheet to a pasta stand or lightly floured surface. Repeat with remaining dough until you have 6 sheets of pasta
  9. Attach the thick noodle / tagliatelle cutter. Turn the mixer to speed 4. Lightly flour the cutter and pasta. Feed each sheet into the cutter
  10. Lay the tagliatelle onto a lightly floured surface or pasta stand
  11. Bring a large pan of salted water to a rapid boil. Cook the tagliatelle for 3 minutes or until jut tender. Drain well and immediately toss with your favorite pasta sauce
Tips & Hints:
  • The pasta is softer with the beetroot added. Handle gently.
  • Flour the pasta and roller / cutter regularly to prevent sticking.
  • High protein flour is often labelled bread /pasta flour and is available from good supermarkets. It produces superior pasta.
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