Berry Nice Weet-Bix Breakfast in a Jar

Weet-Bix Breakfast in a jar
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Recipe by: Foodbank
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Prep:  10 minutes
Serves:  4
This delicious and colourful tropical weet-bix parfait is the perfect quick and easy breakfast recipe. This kids will love it. Support the brands that support Foodbank Australia. This recipe is made with Sanitarium Weet-Bix.

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Berry Nice Weet-Bix Breakfast in a Jar
  1. Using a small saucepan, warm the blueberries until just defrosted and producing small amount of juice but still keeping their shape
  2. Roughly break-up Weet-Bix and add to each glass
  3. Divide berries in each jar then top with yoghurt
  4. Add kiwi fruit then fill jars with another layer of Weet-Bix, berries and yoghurt
  5. Top with flaked almonds

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