Prep:  30 minutes
Cook:  20 minutes (plus cooling time)
Serves:  dinner party (8-10)
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Recipe by: Western Star
Give your trifle a modern twist with chocolate cake and salted caramel sauce. This trifle doesn't have custard, so it's a lighter, heavenly finish to a Christmas meal.

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Salted Caramel and Chocolate Trifle
Salted Caramel Sauce
Salted Caramel Sauce
  1. Place the sugar and water into a saucepan over medium high heat. Swirl the saucepan to moisten the sugar. Using a pastry brush dipped in water brush any granules of sugar off the sides of the pan
  2. Cook the sugar until a dark amber colour is achieved, remove the pot from heat and very carefully add the cream. Whisk in the cream followed by the butter and return the pot to the stove over medium heat and cook for a further 5 mins, whisking occasionally. Remove from heat and whisk in the vanilla and salt. Transfer to a heatproof bowl and refrigerate for at least 3 hrs
  1. Place the cream into a bowl of an electric mixer and whip until soft peaks form
  2. To assemble, break the chocolate cakes into pieces. Place half of the cake pieces into a trifle dish, top with one third of the caramel, half of the cream and 100g of berries. Repeat this process once more
  3. Garnish the top of the trifle with the remaining caramel and fresh berries
Tips & Hints:
  • Try using other fruits instead of berries such as peaches or cherries.
  • Try adding a flavour to the cream such as orange zest or vanilla.
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