Prep:  20 minutes
Makes:  12
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Recipe by: Sydney Markets
This light and refreshing watermelon cubes with feta, olives and mint recipe is the perfect summer time appetiser to treat guests to before the main course.

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Watermelon cubes with feta, olives and mint
  1. Trim watermelon and cut flesh into 12 x 3cm square cubes. Using a melon baller (or small knife), scoop a small well out of each watermelon cube, ensuring that you keep the watermelon sides intact.
  2. Beat feta in a small bowl until smooth. Stir in mint and olives. Spoon mixture into watermelon cubes. Top each with a small mint leaf. Place onto a serving tray, sprinkle with dukkah and serve.
Tips & Hints:
  • Excellent for easy entertaining, serve these with cool drinks. Toss leftover watermelon through a fruit salad or blend it for an iced drink.
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