10 ways to use one Mushroom Sauce recipe

An easy, creamy mushroom sauce that's perfect for everything.  Here's a list of ways to use this easy mushroom sauce which as been rated as one of the best mushroom sauce recipes around!

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Best ever mushroom sauce

Ready in around 30 minutes this is one of the easiest mushroom sauces to make at home.  Once you've mastered how to make mushroom sauce, put the base recipe to good use in one of these ten different ways to use mushroom sauce.
10 ways to use mushroom sauce
  1. Mushroom sauce for steak
    Sear a beautiful piece of eye fillet, rib eye or scotch fillet steak in one pan while your sauce is simmering in another.  Heat up a few baby potatoes, some green beans and pour the mushroom sauce over the top for a pub-style 'steak and mushroom sauce' meal.
  2. Creamy Mushroom pasta sauce
    No changes to the base recipe are necessary, simply stir this sauce through your favourite pasta for a quick and easy dinner.  Reserve a cup of the pasta cooking water to help thin out the sauce if it's a little too thick.
  3. Baked potatoes
    You might like to fry off some bacon bits before adding the cream to your sauce to take the mushroom sauce for baked potatoes up another notch.
  4. Pie Maker pies
    Shred some store bought BBQ chicken or leftover roast chicken into the cooked sauce and warm through.  Use the sauce as a pie maker filling.  Be sure the sauce is thick when using in pie makers, you can increase the ratio of chicken if you need.
  5. Chicken thighs with mushroom sauce
    Bake skin-on chicken thigh cutlets in the oven until cooked and the skin is crispy.  When the sauce is ready, serve chicken thighs on white rice, then top with your luscious mushroom sauce.  Add some green beans or broccoli on the side to balance our your plate.
  6. Slow cooked short ribs
    Slow cook a batch of short ribs in the oven or slow cooker with just a little stock, garlic, tomato paste and herbs. When the ribs are ready, serve on top of mash with a good spoonful of mushroom sauce.
  7. Grilled white fish
    Flash fry a piece of your favourite fish and serve with mushroom sauce and carrots.
  8. Cob loaf
    Use the mushroom sauce as a dip. Stir through softened cream cheese to thicken and pour inside a hollowed out cob loaf!
  9. Skewers
    Load up your skewers with vegetables such as capsicum, onion pieces, eggplant... any firm vegetables. Add tofu if you want to keep your skewers vegetarian (remember to use vegetable stock in the base recipe) or thread a mix of chicken or beef on to skewers then serve with mushroom sauce over the top.
  10. Chicken and rice bake
    In a baking dish, add thawed frozen spinach, cooked white rice, cooked and sliced chicken breast pieces then top with mushroom sauce.  Cover and cook for around 20 minutes at around 160 degrees celsius.
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