6 billion reasons to celebrate World Egg Day

Find out why World Egg Day is worth celebrating and get recipes from around the globe to join the festivities!

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World Egg Day 2021

Did you know, Australians consumed 6.3 BILLION eggs last year? That’s over 17.3 million eggs every day, according to data released by Australian Eggs. With these kind of numbers, there’s no doubt that eggs are one of Aussie’s favourite foods – and just one of the reasons to celebrate World Egg Day today, October 8th!
Eggs are a versatile, cost-effective, tasty and highly nutritious food enjoyed all over the world.  Dietitian and Director of Food & Nutrition Australia, Sharon Natoli, tells us that eggs provide 13 different vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s and choline, and they’re a tasty source of high-quality protein. That’s pretty eggs-traordinary! (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves)
“It’s a great day to celebrate Australia’s ongoing love of eggs” said Rowan McMonnies, Managing Director of Australian Eggs. “It has been a challenging year for Australian egg farmers, with COVID restrictions and snap lockdowns playing havoc with both production and opportunities for eggs via food service venues. To see egg consumption grow by more than 3 million this year, despite the challenges, is testament to Australia’s love of eating eggs.” 
Find out more about World Egg Day with Australian Eggs, they've got fun offers and ideas for celebrating today.
World Egg Day recipes
All over the world people are celebrating World Egg Day with different egg recipes. Check out how people eat eggs from all over the globe, and give the recipes a go. See the full collection of World Egg Day 2021 recipes from our friends at Australian Eggs.  
Play Video: Curried Fried Egg Open Naan
This quick curried fried eggs on naan bread recipe is delightfully easy yet packed full of flavour. Ideal for any meal, or even a quick snack.
Play Video: Egg and Rainbow Chard Galette
A crisp and rustic galette is what you might dine on in France. With a crispy puff pastry crust and perfectly baked egg centre, it's a slice you won't forget.
Play Video: Turkish Pide with Egg, Tomato and Cheese
A different type of Turkish delight, this eggy, cheesy pide is like a pizza boat of your dreams.
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