Easy red, green and yellow Thai curries at home

Three popular Thai curries are now available from Street Kitchen. Each kit contains a mix of dried spices, authentic Thai curry paste and coconut milk. Available in Red, Yellow and Green Thai curry kits, try them all!  

In partnership and featuring recipes from Street Kitchen.

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Easy red, green and yellow Thai curries at home

These Street Kitchen Kits make it easy to cook three types of authentic Thai curry at home. Each kit comes with a sachet each of dried spices, curry paste and coconut milk, so enjoying the flavours of Thai cuisine is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Made with fresh herbs and spices such as lemongrass, chillies, turmeric and coriander, these lighter style curries are ideal for any season. Warm up with a hearty Green Thai Curry Roast Chicken in winter, or keep it light and fresh with a Yellow Thai Fish Curry in summer, there's a curry for any occasion.

The difference between Street Kitchen’s red, green and yellow Thai curries

Nice and spicy

street kitchen red thai curry noodles

Red curry is made with red chillies which give it that signature red colour and intense heat. Other traditional spices, including coriander and kaffir lime, blend perfectly with the red chilli and coconut milk for a rich and spicy sauce. 

Try these recipes with Street Kitchen's Red Thai Curry Kit:


Nice and spicy

Street Kitchen Green Thai Curry

GET THE RECIPE: Green Thai Curry Roast Chicken

Thai green curry is spicy too, the difference is that it’s made with green chillies instead of red and has a different balance of spices that give it a unique zesty flavour. Coconut milk balances the heat from the green chillies and Thai spices for a delicately sweet and silky result. 


Just a hint of spice

street kitchen yellow thai curry fish

GET THE RECIPE: Yellow Thai Fish Curry

For lovers of spice without as much heat, yellow curry is the way to go. With just a touch of spiciness, this curry’s soft notes of turmeric and other mild spices such as lemongrass mingle with creamy coconut milk to create an aromatic meal.


How to use Street Kitchen Kits Thai curries

What to make with Red Thai Curry kits

GET THE RECIPE: Thai Red Duck Curry

This classic way to enjoy red curry is full of thick slices of duck breast and tangy slices of pineapple. Just like from a restaurant!


GET THE RECIPE: Vegetable Red Thai Curry

Enjoy meltingly tender eggplant and hearty mushrooms in this recipe. This recipe is ideal for pescatarians or any veggie lover.

Learn more about the Green Thai Curry kit


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