Street Kitchen BBQ Rub Kits coming soon!

These new Street Kitchen BBQ Rub Kits are landing in Australia soon! These two-step kits are revolutionising the BBQ game. Discover three authentic American BBQ flavours at home. Sign up to be the first to know when they've arrived!

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Street Kitchen BBQ Rub Kits are arriving down under

Master melt-in-your-mouth ribs, juicy pulled pork and sticky wings and more with the new Street Kitchen BBQ Kits! These two-step kits make it incredibly easy to make authentic American BBQ at home, either on your barbecue or in the oven. With one sachet of dry rub seasoning and another with a flavourful sauce, there's everything you need to add flavour as you cook and when you serve!

Three iconic flavours

Enjoy three different American BBQ styles: Texas, Memphis and Carolina. Each has their own distinct flavour profile, so try them all to find your favourite.

TEXAS: Texas is world-renowned for its spiced meat rubs and rich sauces. This kit provides you with the deliciously sweet and savoury style spice blend and sauce so you can recreate the experience at home.

MEMPHIS:  For lovers of smoked meats, this distinctively sweet and smokey BBQ kit will keep you coming back for more. Apple cider vinegar brings a tangy element to the sauce, cutting through the richness and making it so moreish.

CAROLINA: This tangy mustard BBQ also has a hit of cayenne to bring a touch of heat to the party. Barbecued pork is a Carolina classic, but you can enjoy this flavoursome marinade on any protein.

Choose your flavour, choose your protein and you can get cooking! Try chicken wings, pork shoulder, ribs, steak, seafood or even a vegetarian choice, such as a whole cauliflower. The dry rub seasoning is the perfect way to get flavour deep into them as they cook. Then, brush them with the sauce in the last few minutes of cooking to get a gorgeous sticky char on them. Serve your meal with any extra sauce for a deliciously satisfying meal! It really is as easy as that, check out the recipes below for more ideas.


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