5 fun fusion food recipes

These fun fusion recipes mix authentic flavours from different cultures! They're so easy to make with Street Kitchen Kits which are ideal for cooks who want authentic flavours but are short in time.

In partnership and featuring recipes from Street Kitchen.

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5 fusion food recipes

Experience culture clash in the best way with these fun fusion recipes. These recipes take familiar flavours from cuisines around the world to create new taste sensations! 

With the melting pot of cultures in Australia, fusion and street food is a trend that has taken over menus in restaurants and cafes. Now you can enjoy these flavours easily at home. Street Kitchen Kits come with sachets of authentic sauces, dry spices and spice pastes, making them ideal for cooks who want authentic flavours but are short in time. Check out the recipes below for fun fusion ideas that are easy with Street Kitchen Kits.

Satay Chicken Banh Mi

Get the recipe: Satay Chicken Banh Mi

These satisfying baguettes combine Malaysian satay chicken with Vietnamese banh mi (which in itself is a fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine!). Tender chicken in peanut satay sauce, quick pickled vegetables and a crisp baguette create a meal that you won’t forget.

Teriyaki Chicken Tacos

Get the recipe: Teriyaki Chicken Tacos

Put savoury-sweet teriyaki chicken in Mexican tortillas and you have a flavourful twist on tacos to change it up. Amp up the Asian flavours and add a little crunch with shredded nori and toasted sesame seeds.

Satay Prawn Noodle Soup

Get the recipe: Satay Prawn Noodle Soup

Satay sauce in soup? It might not be the first thing that comes to mind but it works so well! Turn satay sauce into a creamy peanut and coconut broth, add bouncy Hokkien noodles, fresh crunchy sprouts and prawns…this combination of textures and flavours won’t disappoint.

Green Thai Curry Roast Chicken

Get the recipe: Green Thai Curry Roast Chicken

Adding green Thai curry to roast chicken means you get the best of both worlds: creamy, spicy curry, juicy chicken and crisp browned chicken skin.

Butter Chicken Skewers

Get the recipe: Butter Chicken Skewers with Salad

This butter chicken recipe is a little bit different. Instead of serving it as a saucy curry dish, the chicken is skewered and chargrilled, adding smoky charred flavours. Serve with basmati rice and a fresh side salad for a complete meal.

More Asian recipes

Discover more fantastic flavours with the recipes below. 

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