How to tell if salmon is bad

Not sure if your salmon is still good? These signs are what to look out for.

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How do you know if salmon is bad

Not sure if that salmon in your fridge is still good to eat? Look out for these pointers to be sure if it's still safe to cook and eat!
How can you tell if salmon is bad?
There will be an obvious sliminess on the surface and an unmistakable putrid, fishy smell. It may also have some discolouration, like brown patches or spots on the flesh. Fresh salmon will smell fresh and salty, have a bright even colour and firm flesh. It will feel wet to the touch, but it shouldn't feel slimy or sticky.
You may notice some grey flesh closer to the skin, this is known as the "fat line" and is completely normal. In fact, it's full of heart-healthy omega-3s, so don't get rid of it!
If you're looking at a whole fish instead of fillets, the same rules apply. A bad fishy smell or slimy, milky coating is a sign that the salmon is off. A very fresh salmon will have clear rather than cloudy eyes, firm flesh that bounces back when touched and the skin should feel wet but not slimy. The gills will also be bright red.
Can you eat salmon a day out of date?
The use-by date is only a guideline for freshness. If it's only a day or two out of date, inspect the salmon and look for signs of spoilage, such as sliminess and smell. If in doubt, discard.
Salmon recipes
It's great news if your salmon is still good to go, because there are some great salmon recipes for you to try below! 
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