NEW Passage to India Paste Range

Passage to India have created a NEW range of curry pastes for some of India's best-loved curries, now available in grocery stores including Woolworths Australia-wide. Learn more about them and how to use them in flavour-packed recipes.

In partnership and featuring recipes from Passage to India.

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NEW easy to use curry pastes by Passage to India


Four of India's best-loved curries are now available as Passage to India curry pastes, which are totally gluten free with no artificial colours or flavours. Discover the rich flavours of Korma, Butter Chicken, Tandoori and Rogan Josh curry pastes, find them at Australian grocery stores and retailers including Woolworths.

KORMA CURRY: This creamy and coconutty curry paste is mild on the chilli scale, so it's ideal for feeding the family.

BUTTER CHICKEN: A classic butter chicken never fails to please. This curry paste is also mild, ideal to stock up on so you always have the base of a tasty meal.

TANDOORI: This zingy tandoori paste will take your barbecue to another level of tastiness. Use it as a marinade to experience traditional bold tandoori flavour at home.

ROGAN JOSH: If you like your curries on the bolder side, give this paste a try. With a vibrant tomato base and a bit of heat, it's sure to give your next dinner a flavourful kick.

These concentrated packets of flavour are so versatile and easy to use. They're ideal for both the busy individual and the aspiring home chef, because you can keep it simple or get creative. Enjoy them with your favourite meats and vegetables, and if you like a creamier curry, add cream, coconut milk or yoghurt. Or change up your dinner routine with new ideas - check out the recipes below using Tandoori Paste and Rogan Josh Paste. Incorporate curry paste into your next potato bake, or spice up a whole roast cauliflower. The options are endless!

Recipes with Passage to India Tandoori Paste

GET THE RECIPE: Tandoori Roast Chicken with Potatoes

Classic tandoori chicken is so easy to enjoy at home with this recipe. Roast a butterflied chicken with onion and potatoes and serve with cool, creamy raita.


Whole roasted cauliflower Indian style

GET THE RECIPE: Tandoori Roasted Whole Cauliflower

This spicy whole roast cauliflower is fantastic as a vegetarian main or a tasty side to roast meats.

Recipes with Passage to India Rogan Josh Paste

GET THE RECIPE: Beef Mince Rogan Josh Potato Bake

Curried mince and layers of potato make this one of the ultimate comfort foods. Add the crispy topping and it's heaven on a plate.


Lamb Rogan Josh Meatball Curry

GET THE RECIPE: Lamb Rogan Josh Meatball Curry

This dish will change the way you look at meatballs! These spicy curried meatballs are ideal to wrap up in roti with a dollop of extra yoghurt.

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