Prep:  15 minutes
Cook:  1 ½ hours
Serves:  4-6
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Recipe by: Passage to India
Roast a whole cauliflower in tandoori spiced yoghurt for a tangy, spicy Indian twist on this vegetarian recipe!
Credit: Whisk Media Group

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Tandoori Roasted Whole Cauliflower
  1. Preheat oven 200°C/180°C (fan-forced)
  2. Trim the outer cauliflower leaves and stalk so the cauliflower can sit flat. Cut a cross into the base. Transfer into a deep ovenproof casserole dish
  3. Combine Tandoori Paste and yoghurt and mix well. Spoon evenly over the top and sides of cauliflower. Cover with lid and roast for one hour
  4. Combine melted butter, garlic, coriander and salt and mix well
  5. Remove cauliflower from oven and spoon or brush with melted butter mixture. Transfer to oven and cook, uncovered for a further 20-30 minutes, basting with buttery pan juices halfway through until cauliflower is just tender
  6. Serve tandoori cauliflower wedges with fresh salad, cucumber, pickled red onion, raita and warm roti
Tips & Hints:
  • Do not overcook the cauliflower as it will fall apart. To check that cauliflower is cooked, push a knife or skewer into the centre of the cauliflower. There should be no resistance to the knife
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