Rosella’s iconic Condensed Tomato Soup is back

The iconic soup is back and better than ever! Find out what Aussies had to say, and get great recipe ideas using it from Rosella Classic Bolognese to Potato Gem Shepherd's Pie.

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Rosella’s iconic Condensed Tomato Soup is back  

You wouldn’t think soup was that controversial. But when Rosella’s famous Condensed Tomato Soup was pulled off supermarket shelves, customers staged a revolt. The announcement on Facebook in July 2021 spawned over 1500 comments and nearly 400 shares. Loyal customers didn’t take the bad news lying down. Petitions were written, signatures were collected and the dedicated Facebook community went all out in its efforts to bring it back.

And it worked. It’s back, baby. And better than ever. This will make Steven Lowe a happy customer, he commented on the Rosella Facebook page: “My life is incomplete without Rosella Tomato Soup. Please bring it back…!” While the famous recipe is still the same, it now comes in sustainable Tetra Pak packaging. 



More than just soup

For those baffled at the fandom this soup inspires, you need to know it’s because it doubles as the base of a range of dishes, from a meaty Bolognese sauce to Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls. When Rosella announced the return of its famous Condensed Tomato Soup on the company’s Facebook page in March, a set of four posts received over 1500 likes, 700 comments and 120 shares.

Anita Tacoma said: “Super happy that it's back! Hope it tastes exactly the same. This is just pure nostalgia for me and nothing else compares.

Charlotte Ward Squires breathed a sigh of relief: “Finally I can make my meatballs again.

Christine Westbury confirmed the new packaging doesn’t impact the flavour: “It's definitely back and tastes the same.

Rosella Head of Marketing, Mark Connolly, was proud its Condensed Tomato Soup was welcomed back into so many pantries across the country. “It's a testament to the time-honoured recipe that so many Aussies have a place in their heart for Rosella’s Condensed Tomato Soup.

Recipe ideas

If you haven’t experienced the wonders of this soup before or are looking for new ways to bring it to life, the Rosella team have recreated six fan-favourite recipes including:

Have a go at these easy recipes and let us know what you think by leaving a review!

GET THE RECIPE: Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

Rosella Condensed Tomato soup is available nationwide at Woolworths and Coles. You’ll also find the new Tomato Roasted Pepper, Delicious Carrot and Potato, and Creamy Pumpkin flavours at Coles stores nationwide, and selected independent supermarkets.

Rosella condensed soups range

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